Help Specifying VMS / NVR / NAS For Neighborhood Surveillance System

Hello All,

So i wanted to know if this design would work. I've installed many NVRs from Pelco, Verint, LTS etc.

Now my plan is to assist a neighbourhood thats been having a lot of issues and have a budget to spend so i want to know what you pros think of this.

1. Install outside on a home owners house 1# 4MP IP camera with installed. in the even the network goes down the SD card will send the footage automatically or when we get notification from the NVR that an IP camera is down we can manually do a back up? The camera has the option for NAS

2. Use a single port POE Gig switch and connect to the customers router (they have fibre connections with about 5mbps upload, open the ports, use dyndns, secure network etc.

3. Will use a small UPS for all devices which will be used above.

4. At our office install a NVR with decent specs incoming 640Mbps, or 400Mbps (when RAID is enabled, outgoing 400Mbps. Storage capacity can be increased as needed 16 SATA interfaces for 16HDDs each drive can be 6TB max. Array type RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 number of arrays 10. Network 4# RJ-45 10 /100 /1000 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interfaces, it also has 4, 1000 Mbps optic fibre interfaces. Installed in our rack with all the items needed. i know the above seems over spec, however once this works for the initial 32 cameras i can offer the service to other neighbourhoods.

5. Have the cameras stream to us and store on the NVR.

6. We can monitor the cameras live, we can allow them to connect only to cameras we want them to have access to using the NVR user management options. We will have a 100Mbps downed 100Mbps up (DIA) the NVR says 256 connections but i expect 30 at one time. Suggestions?

7. We will only review footage at our office when needed, i've worked out the storage we need for 1 camera for 30 days based on 4MP 7FPS best quality etc using H264+.

8. Now eventually i would like to take the signal from our office or at the camera via the RTSP port and use a local media server/streamer ( advice on software that i can purchase and always upgrade if need be, no monthly fees please :) ) and put it onto a website so that person can view certain cameras. Eventually our web designer will allow for login options for the ability to view more cameras based on the clients needs. we will have ssl certificate for the site.

9. So basically any advise be it positive or negative would be much appreciated

Thanks All


Cloud based systems such as Eagle Eye Networks have products/services that probably do what you are asking for. What you are proposing raises many issues, consider just one, the related cyber security issues.

Hi Jeff,

Can you advise what other issues you have one mind? As for the cyber security we are speaking to a local company who will be handling that side of security the network.

I agree with Jeff, but then again, I work for Eagle Eye Networks.

We actually have several customers that use the system for neighborhoods and property owner associations. One of the features that people like is that they can easily share the cameras with the residents. Here's a case study of one such organization

What you're proposing may function just fine, but it's a lot of work/overhead to make sure that things work correctly and securely.

What exactly is the purpose of this system type?

What functionality are you looking to provide?

I've recently been looking at possible solutions to our neighborhood problem. We have a plague of car break-ins in our area, 5 cars have been broken into (perps use flashlights to case cars at night, break window if valuables are visible) in last week within 2 blocks of my home. One of the best ways to prevent these type of crimes is to have live monitored cameras, either by professional monitoring service or possibly DIY monitoring by agreed upon neighbors.