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NVR Compatible With BOSH VIP X-1

I have a customer with 17 cameras 9 PTZ and 8 fixed analog cameras. All using the BOSH VIP-X1. Need to replace the NVR possibly with a different brand than Bosh. Is there such a thing? Extra Licence?



Yes, there are many. Genetec / Milestone just to name a couple.


You say, "replace the NVR possibly with a different brand than Bosh"

Does that mean you are getting rid of the Bosch NVR or do you want to have another VMS / NVR connect to the existing Bosch NVR?

hi John,

According to the Manager. The bosh dvr has the PS and HDD defective so it was taken out. So I need to put in a new one. something that will allow them to upgrade their Cameras in the future.


Ok, so you just need a VMS or NVR that is compatible with Bosch's VIP-X1 encoders.

The key thing will be verifying that the VMS / NVR works with the encoders (presuming you want PTZ controls on the VMS). VIP-X1 has ONVIF Profile S support but that does not guarantee PTZ integration

Milestone reports support including PTZ controls. Genetec reports support but does not cite PTZ integration (it might, the page just didn't mention it).

There are surely others (though, e.g., I checked Exacq and did not find this unit listed).

Do you have a preference for VMS / NVR? Specific functions? Brands? Cost level?

We are looking into the HNMSE32BP 15TB 32 Channel MAXPRO Network Video Recorder. Though, we are waiting for the unit to test if it will work. Specially, 14 of the 18 cameras are PTZ.

But I am keeping my options open right now as we need to reuse the existing cameras in the meantime.

Thanks for repsonding John.

Honeywell? Why Honeywell? :)

Honestly? I admit I dont have much exprience with the VIP X-1 and that is only what my supplier has suggested we test. I will try Milestone and see. I can bring it in here in Toronto if I have too.

Thanks again.

Your supplier? Who ADI? :)

As a general rule, stick with a real VMS - Milestone, Genetec, etc.

If anyone else knows of other VMSes that support PTZ control for this encoder, please share.

Curiously, under the VMS section listed with that Honeywell NVR, it claims to be integrated with Milestone Xprotect.

My first thought was that it was due to a Siemens-like Honeywell/Milestone deal, but probably not, right?

MAXPRO integrates a couple of third-party VMSes. See here. They used to have an Exacq integration, as well, but it's not listed there. I've never seen the integration in action, but it's supposed to pull live and archived video from XProtect via the MAXPRO client.

Why not stick with Bosch then? using the DIP-7082-8HD

DIVAR IP 7000 2U

The two requirements are VIP-X1 compatibility AND

...something that will allow them to upgrade their Cameras in the future.

Yet I'm having a hard time finding a list of 3rd party cameras supported by that NVR, did you see one? The spec sheet is totally silent about it except mentioning that ONVIF support works only over UDP.

As for ONVIF support, although the Bosch VMS documentation claims support for Profile S compliant cameras, Bosch has only one Profile S Client listed on the ONVIF site. The Bosch Video Client. Can that one certification cover all their VMS/NVR's? Specifically I don't see that model listed anywhere by name.

Unfortunately, the property manager wants another brand installed. Cant argue with the one paying LOL.

Would save a lot of headache if we could stick with Bosh.

Thank for the reply.