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NUUO Titan Project Experience

We recently had a look at the NUUO Titan VMS which seems to be gaining some interest in the Australian market. We are currently looking at VMS options for a 20 IP camera system and the NUUO Titan seems to offer a cost effective solution that provides expendability to grow the system to a potential 40 IP camera system. Has anyone had any real project experience with this product as we would like to know how it has performed and how reliable it is in a real project scenario, not bench test?

We have read the IPVM review from last May, but the product has evolved somewhat since then.

What new features have you heard about? I am scanning their news releases for the past year but do not find any for Titan.

Okay it has been a while since I looked at it so there may not have been many changes from when it was released. The point of the question is does anyone know of any sites the Titan system has been installed in and knows whether the system met with expectations and is reliable.

Ok, let's see what people have to say. I don't here a lot about integrators using NUUO but I am sure there are some.

We evaluated NUUO Titan for a project with 48 2MP IP cameras. Findings below:

1. System is very feature rich, and everything works.

2. The CPU usage is very high compared to Milestone, Luxriot and HD Witness. In fact - it was about 5X higher then the others (which were all fairly low and close). Most annoyingly - the CPU usage DOES NOT go down when closing the live view window, turning off the software motion detection and video analytic features - very strange. With the other 3 VMS a single i7 did fine, with NUUO Titan we had to move to a server with Dual Xeon 6 Core CPUs (thats 12 Cores total!) to avoid CPU usage going above 70%.

3. We did not like the "DVR like" thick UI bars - but thats a personal opinion.

We abandoned NUUO and moved to Luxriot due to a) the CPU usage, and b) the license cost (for this particular project NUUO's additional analytics features were not needed - Luxriot does not have VCA features apart from deeply integrating with UDP VCA based cameras and encoders).

Which cameras are you using? If your cameras are supported there is really not much out there that is more user friendly/scalable then HD Witness or more affordable then Luxriot.

For close competitors with Australia support presence have a look at ExacqVision (various distributors), HD Witness (AFN Security in NSW), Digifort (EOS in NSW) and Luxriot (Computer Support Services in VIC and TruHD in NSW)

Thanks for your comments, they are most interesting. The data sheets state you can have up to a 250Mbps throughput. Do you know if you were close to this and whether this is why the CPU usage was so high? Did it visibly degrade the performance of the system?

Did you approach NUUO for an answer on this? if so, what was their response?

We look forward to your comments. By the way we are looking to specify cameras such as the AXIS 720p or similar.

ps - What are UI bars?

I think Bohan Huang may mistake NUUO MainConsole with NUUO Titan. NUUO Titan is an NVR instead of a VMS papplication which does not allow you to move to a server machine.

Also, MainConsole has a DVR look but not NUUO titan. You can refer to the two articles made in ipvm to see the difference.

NUUO Titan:


Yes that was a gross oversight on my behalf. I was referrring to MainConsole