Nuuo Now Selling Cameras?

Anyone pick up Nuuo has spun out another brand/company called "Champ Solution" to push cameras and NVR's to market. Noticed they have removed Champ NVR from main page.

I saw it in a distributor's newsletter last week and found it odd. Here was the associated pic:

NUUO, like a lot of manufacturers right now, is under a lot of pressure. Maybe bundling cameras with help a little though I think they would be better off trying hard to focus on better VMS software.

Wait, a sec, is that a new form factor? The rhombus?

The ChampSolution website is now up. They don't hide that this is from NUUO, with cameras presumably OEMed from someone.

My gut feel is that they still would be better off focusing on improving their VMS offering...

Might be from Zavio?

Zavio it is.

A while back, Zavio took a bit of a beating when forced into a slightly unfair matchup against Avigilon and Axis, in a discussion that could have been named Aston/Audi Vs Kia: What To Choose?

A rare bit of un-puffery from their about page:

We do not aim to be a leader on specifications, but to provide the best value for the money to our customers...

Also this Artic Dome Christmas Card indicates their alignment with IPVM Seasons Greeting guidelines: Why Not Say Something Interesting Or Useful In Company Happy Holiday Emails?

In this way they prove themselves superior to Axis after all.

They can't even sell or support their software properly why even take a shot at cameras... What a joke