NUUO Falling Apart? Anyone Else Having Problems With Communication And Resolving Tech Issues?

Hello all,

I have been working with Nuuo products for a long time. In the last 6+ months, support from their end has been slowly dropping off. Bugs and issues that are raised seem to fall into a black hole from a support perspective.

One of my main contacts for support is no longer available to assist... I believe he either quit or moved to another position.. I was simply told he would not be a point of contact indefinitely....

When calling for support I rarely can reach a human anymore.

My biggest worry is that they are struggling to stay alive. They went public not too long ago, and it looks like they have done some mixing with Zavio products and employees. (I worked with Zavio a long time ago and had to drop the line due to technical reliability issues.)

Just curious if there is anyone else getting a bad vibe about how they are holding up.

I may need to start making strategic changes if they are going to sink.

This isn't meant to be disparaging to Nuuo. I like their product, and they have done right by me in the past. Just seeing if anyone has a pulse on their situation as part of concern about my own business.

Theyve always had issues with consistency. Weve done business with them going back many many years. Sometimes they are on it, other times they dont even seem to know whats going on in their own organization. When they moved to Cali was a noticable rough patch, and before they open the louisiana office was another. I was never comfortable with the Zavio connection or with how they have handled US distribution and playing favorites, but thats neither here nor there.

Last year I started using Nuuo because I liked the product, but the knowledge and service from sales to tech support was a joke and almost non existent. For a while actually getting someone on the phone was impossible for me and my distributor. If Nuuo doesn't get their act together, they will be done for because as it stands right now, it is a circus within that company.

In fairness, here is an update. I spoke with my tech contact today. I got a reply after having to make noise with some higher ups in the email chain. He has not left the business. It may be organization, and communication within the business that is my issue.

I looked up a single review on Glassdoor that was negative and echoed much of the other comments on this thread. I also checked out their stock situation. It's down about 50% on a 1 year return.

I did pick up on some "Rumors" that there is talk that they are considering closing their doors if they can't do better in the market... but I think that is likely a common sense idea given what has been happening so fast in the surveillance space.

If anyone has feedback on this business, I'd be happy to hear it. They are a huge portion of my business, and if they go away I need to find comparable quality NVR solutions for my customers.

Maybe something deeper going on here.

June 2015 - Head of Finance resigns and GM change

Dec 2015 - New Head of Finance resigns

Stock has also had a massive decline over the last 2 years, would interpret that they loosing market share to Chinese competition.

I would say this is a pretty fair assumption. IT cant be easy being a smallish taiwanese manufacturer TRYING to produce quality when mainland China is racing to the bottom.

That said, they've had more years than Exacq has and havent been able to pull it off.

Very recently we had an RMA on a bad VMS replaced by another bad VMS which was finally replaced by the original repaired VMS. Only took about 3 months.

Again, they go back and forth between absolutely terrible and freaking brilliant.

Im still waiting to hear what their workaround is for Internet Explorer compatability issues on the Titan...

Hello Everyone, My name is Jesse Bessette, I am the Technical Support Manager for NUUO US. I can assure everyone that NUUO is alive and well. We all have had support issues with one manufacturer or another and I certainly don’t believe that it’s any indication that a business is on the verge of closing its doors.

We have been working hard to create a better experience for our customers and I strongly believe that our current path will be a successful one.

Some of our recent changes to improve the “Total Customer Experience” include:

  • Employing more Technical Support Representatives
  • Providing weekly scheduled webinar training for our customers
  • Providing documentation on RMA’s so our customers are informed on the root cause of the issue, as well as the resolve.
  • We are also currently working on “instructional” documentation that will assist our customers with setting up, configuring and also troubleshooting the most common issues. We believe this will get them up and running as fast as possible and also alleviate some of our most common calls.

We do recognize some of your concerns and we want everyone to know that we are not simply sitting on the sidelines. We want you “our customers” to let us know how we can improve, we want to be the best and we want you to feel that you are getting a quality product as well as quality support.

Please contact me at and let me know what we need to do to both keep your business as well as improve our overall process.

Best Regards,

Jesse Bessette

North American Technical Support Manager

Thanks Jesse.

Can you comment on the recent introduction of NUUO's own line of cameras? To wit, is there a relationship between Zavio and NUUO?

Hey Jesse, good to see you on here.

I would say consistency is going to be your best bet going forward. Been that way for a while from my perspective. Decent product, always getting better. Consistency is key though.


Hello Sir,

I agree 100%. I am also on top quality and being "Consistent" is high on our list of things to improve on.

I did also send you a private msg with my cell to work on your other issues.


Thanks for the positive response, and apparent steps being put forward to address some of these issues.

We have similar concerns. The NUUO LPR solution purely and simply doesn't work. NUUO have previously admitted this. We as a distributor have swapped out the NUUO equipment to another manufacturer at our cost to keep our customer happy. Regarding NUUO's response to this....well, we can't even get a reply from them....

Good Morning Sir,

Could you be more specific as to "how" it did not work? Unfortunately, because you've already swapped it out with another solution, I'm not sure how I can assist. if you list all of your issues or better yet, contact me directly, I can go through them and either offer a solution or some advice on future implementations..


Hello Frank,

im afraid i have to agree with most on the nuuo issue, the experience for us has been bad at best.

so we where actually sold the VIT parking / nuuo solution by nuuo for us to use in the UK market, this actually neve worked with VIT announcing to us that there solution needed work and nuuo not being able to support it, so we where always stuck between VIT and Nuuo with neiher being helpful at all and in the end customers where loosing patience and confidence with nuuo and us

we ended up having to swap the whole soulution out for a chinese manufacturer which did work very well and im really sorry to have to say this but compared to other manufactuters the technical support is poor from nuuo and can take days to even get a response, with us being asked to also use the E portal to log calls which adds to the time, confusion and frustration and simply is not a good route to push your customers.

We also feel nuuo have given up on the UK market and effectively walked away from it, they dont have any presence in the UK and try to manage this from your HQ, please note this does not work !!!, in the UK market customers want to see and be able to talk to and contact the manufacturer and without this you will find your not able to get access to the uk market and grow i really do think you need to have a internal talk on your plans with this product range and also revise your tech support strategy , as my experience like many others has not been a good one i can contact you on this issue outside of this if you would like


Hello Sir,

My name is Jesse Bessette, I am the North American Technical Support Manager. Please do send me an email so I can get it over to our EU team. We value your comments and we would love to hear more about what you believe we should do to improve our support or presence in your region.

you can reach me at


My name is Jesse Bessette...

Is Frank Wei no longer with NUUO?

Frank is here in the US office as well. I am only responding to these posts because they are directly related to the "customer experience" If you would like to speak with Frank, you can reach him here his title is Sales Director.

This is Frank's account and he does read these messages.

If they don't get their act together and start listening to their customers without their customers having to scream at them, they will fall face flat. The price of their product does not measure up with its value or reliability.

Whether it be a "cultural barrier" or whatever it is, NUUO better figure it out and fix it FAST...this includes closing up shop for a week around the chinese new was extremely difficult to get anyone around that time...and if they are going to do business in america...they need to staff and schedule accordingly in all offices to serve accordingly.

Good Morning Sir,

NUUO does not close up it's US office during this holiday. We only celebrate US holidays at this office. If you need assistance, please give us a call at 877-241-7035. We are open from 7:00AM PST - 5:00PM PST.


Apparently NUUO is flushing its staff out as I know of at-least 2 people recently fired. Keep it rollin' stinks from the head down.


Heck no, they got realigned.

Good Afternoon,

I appreciate your feedback and concern for "NUUO falling apart". I'd like to take a moment and directly address this comment. "NUUO" is absolutely not "falling apart", we did some staff realignments to better serve our customers.

By realigning, we are confident that we will be able to provide an increased level of technical support and marketing support to our partners. As NUUO continues to grow, we will continue to increase our staffing in our technical support area to keep up with the demand.



Are those Frank's regards or Jesse's?

good question. another question that should be asked is if what we are seeing is not "falling apart" then what is it?

They cant even support what they got, to think that they are rolling out their Champ cameras (Zavio), might as well quit while they are ahead, no one will buy cameras that they have to fight to get support on...that would be a double shot in the foot...a camera AND a vms that you have to pull teeth to get support.

Ha Ha Ha what a joke.

I have been looking at this VMS recently. I think I'm going to avoid it for now..

Dear John

we notice a strong lack of support from nuuo as well in Europe. the guys do not respond to trouble tickets but change their support to an intermediate solution to email issues to NUUO, to just change to zendesk, a next solution. They invited us to report over zendesk which will end up with $588 charges for helpdesk services per year. this is the most funniest company we ever done business with. they want us to pay for their issues :) We have done business with them for years with several hundereds of licenses sold and there was a time we were happy with them but it looks like we gona transition actively all customers from nuuo to other VMS where we get better support. there is not a single trouble ticket answered over the last couple of months.

Best regards


I would advise you subscribe to IPVM Group Membership. (Once John chimes in regarding you sharing an account, as a manufacturer, this will get ugly. )

No Sharing Access / Passwords

One's IPVM username/login may only be used for a single person. Usernames, logins and passwords may not be shared between multiple people. If a co-worker wants access, a Group Membership may be purchased and a username/password may be generated for them. If a friend or acquaintance who is not a co-worker wants access, they must purchase their own membership.


Since NUUO is trying to respond to integrator complaints, I am letting the account sharing issue slide.

In general, though yes, we do not allow sharing. Also, that they are doing it so awkwardly is not a good sign.

Though, as this thread shows, they seem to have bigger problems than that.

We approached NUUO at ISC West and they were pretty salty. Turned us off pretty quick. Perhaps they've forgotten that the VMS market is not monopolized?

Hi all, This is Frank Wei.

1. Thank you for the kind reminder, John and Jefferey. To clarify here, all the post above was posted by myself. The reason I discussed with Jesse and had Jesse to send me his reply and I copied and posted it via my account because he is the leader of total customer experience and technical support department and I would like to use his reply and contact information to let those needed customers to have the support immediately. We will be more careful to follow up with the IPVM rule in the future and thanks John again for accommodation.

2. As the industry is getting matured and added more competition coming from Worldwide and especially China, NUUO did get suffered just like many other well known manufacturers. However, that is not even close for NUUO being falling apart or closing business. Below are different index for your reference when you evaluate a company is closing business or not. By reading another post regarding to Dedicated Micro closing business today, you can see a great difference.

- Does this company still launch new products or new service?

Ans: NUUO has launched more new products/Service at ISC West than last year. First is the H.265 Titan Pro series which embedded 16chn license on the Linux appliance and improve the throughput to 550Mbps compared with the award winning Titan products since 2011. New Hardware (Nuserver) selections has expanded to 4/8/16/24 bay rackmount i7 server options. Second is that we have launched 30 months surveillance grade Hard Drive Data recovery warranty service at no incremental cost with all NUUO VMS and NVR product series. Third is the Solo Plus H.265 NVR standalone series embedded with 16/32chn license. The throughput of the Solo Plus NVR has improved to 200Mbps and the NVR supports embedded server motion and QRcode EasyNUUO technology that does not need to set up DDNS anymore. Fourth is the launch of new 3rd party integration with our brand new NH4600 i7 CPU windows IP appliance which supports H.265 decoding and 4k2k display, Titan Pro Linux appliance and Crystal Enterprise Linux appliance. The new integration includes the Paxton access control integration, Lenel access control integration and the Nuface facial recognition software integration.

- Does this company still provide the technical support and RD service?

Ans: All our team, including myself and Jesse, is always ready to support our great partners. We will feedback your mail within 24-48 hours maximum. If your email is being put into SPAM folder, pls feel free to contact our field sales team. They will provide you the right resource immediately.

- Does this company still hire personal to support and grow business?

Ans: We are still hiring Area Sales Manager in South Region and welcome to send your resume to my email account.

3. Daniel and Armando, your requests are well received. During the resource reallocation, there must be some missing links that we do not provide correct contact for you. We apologized for the inconvenience and already replied to Daniel's support email immediately today and talked with Armando face to face at ISC West. We will do our best to recover the issues you had and provide better solution.

4. Going forward, we will still read the valuable post on IPVM if the poster shows their names and contact information. All the resource will be put in top priority for these great partners who are willing to let us know which contact we can work together and how we can become better. On the other hand; for those anonymous posts, unfortunately we do not know your contact information and we will not feedback your post on the forum anymore. We would appreciate if you can contact us directly and not post those guessing and negative not true posts on the forum. We will always listen to your valuable suggestions when you send your request to our email accounts.

Lastly, thanks again for your valuable time and this is the last time for us to post an official feedback so all of us can get back to work to support our great partners. Please feel free to contact me in the future at directly. Have a great day!

There was a very good and helpful person in the Company. Joyce was her name, but she left NUUO few months ago. She was there near by them at least 10 years.

Update: Frank saw me at ISC West and approached me. We discussed the issues my client is having with NUUO and they offered to fix. I put them in touch (Jesse and Frank) with my client. After a few weeks, my client hadn't heard anything back from them. So I reached out again and an email was sent by Jesse. We are now in July (a full three months later) and nothing has been resolved or in my knowledge, there really hasnt been an effort to resolve.

I was selling NUUO when they were just doing capture cards. I was an early advocate. 2005 I think? Maybe earlier. We survived their change in channel structure and were able to continue to buy direct because of our history with them through thick and thin. Seeing as its now mid July, we had to either shit or get off the pot with this client as they asked us to work on a more managed and integrated surveillance and access control solution, so we are moving the client to a different solution.

This client has 4 manufacturing locations, plus one office location, and more coming. We are a legacy dealer for NUUO and they can't seem to help but drop the ball even when the stakes are this high. If they arent willing or able to step up in this situation, I'm not sure what it will take to actually get them to solve any other smaller problems.

I've known these guys for what seems like an eternity, but I simply cannot put my business on the line while they get their act together.


So what other systems are you looking at. Im in the same boat.

Multiple remote vulnerabilities in NUUO VMS / recorders disclosed. We are checking with NUUO for feedback, the report claims NUUO has not responded nor fixed the issues.

I recently had an issue with them and had to ruffle some feathers at NUUO. Then they were great at resolving my issue.