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Nuuo Alternatives? Comparable Or Better Price Point? Quality Software?

Hello all,

I'm about @ the end of my rope dealing with Nuuo.    Quality service and support continues to be difficult to come by.

I'm looking for Windows based NVR/VMS software that is fairly decent and actually has solid development.   Ideally a group that is willing to take feedback from customers on features and assist with development.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and experiences you may have.

Ideally,  I build the hardware platform and add the NVR software to the system, license, and deploy to the customer.

Thanks for any helpful feedback.



For others, related: NUUO Falling Apart? Anyone Else Having Problems With Communication And Resolving Tech Issues?

Outside of the bigger brands (e.g., Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2016), consider Network Optix / DW (see: Network Optix/Digital Watchdog VMS Tested), Mirasys, Luxriot, Axxon (see: Axxon Next VMS 4.0 Tested), etc.

In addition to the ones mentioned I have had good luck with Geovision and I do not recommebe product lightly.  In a way they follow the Avigilon model with providing a complete package, but at a lower price point.  I rarely deploy their product now but when I do I am always impressed with their new features and (surprising!) reliability.  The poor translations which always frustrated me have also become less of an issue in the newer versions.

I have not used Aimetis but it does look like a nice product.

I work for Aimetis and would be happy provide free software to test on your own.

Message me on LinkedIn for download details: Tony Hackett  

The past few years, NUUO had a decent size booth and quite alot of displays/video wall showing their products with plenty of employees.

This year I walked past them in an obscure area and my jaw dropped.  Excuse my memory (Vegas), but I saw 1 employee (maybe others out to lunch), the booth was tiny compared to years past and I saw maybe 2 monitors and just a few cameras.  They used to have a decent product in the early days and its a bit sad to see the current state of things.  I wish them the best but the exit seems near.

Axxon has a good product but is a tough sell to Government as they are from Russia.

GeoVision has great software, pricey, but less then Avigilon.  Many loyal dealers.

Mirasys I've seen done rather well in casinos.  They just released a new version and work very well with Hanwa, Vivotek, Bosch.

#3, I actually did not even see their booth. I just checked it was in a really unfortunate position in the far back corner right before the drones:

Btw, Nuuo's stock which is overall down 90% over the past 5 years, just jumped ~28% in the last few days, according to Bloomberg:

If Bloomberg is correct that implies something is up. Will check on this but if anyone knows what is up with Nuuo, let us know.

Has anyone heard anything further on this stock price jump.  It is really odd as I do not see anything of relevance to warranty a jump on their site or in the news.

#2, let me check to see if anyone has any intel. The challenge is that Nuuo is such a lightly held / reported stock that I am not sure who covers it.

It is worth noting the stock is now over 20 NTD per share which now means it's up ~45% in just over a month.

Generally speaking such big jumps often come when an acquisition is expected but, again, I don't know what's happening here.

May I ask what is the event happen here?

I still do not know what is happening with NUUO's stock price. It surged all the way to 27 which nearly is double from what it was early April but now it has fallen back down to 20. It's atypical for sure.

That noted, NUUO's stock is still nearly 90% down from their high in 2014.

I spoke to them.

They were not planning a booth at all.  But at the last minute, ISC apparently offered them bargain basement rates, so they threw something together.

There were 5 of them in total as far as I could ascertain.

IPConfigure's Orchid VMS is well positioned to take over unhappy NUUO distributors, dealers, and customers.  See the recent IPVM post... $10,000 Free VMS Licenses For New Dealers IPConfigure


IPConfigure CEO

Check out Wavestore & Genie.

Run from NUUO, RUN RUN RUN!!!! RUN LIKE ITS A DIVORCE FROM HELL! It is extremely unreliable and their tech support (or lack thereof) has absolutely NO CLUE what they are doing or how to fix anything. 

Fallout from race to the bottom

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Does this translate to needing more cash I assume?   


Anyone have thoughts on the Reuters details?