Non-Profit NICU Camera Request (Northern California)

This was emailed to us and I am passing it on so that integrators or manufacturers who can help them in the Sacramento / Northern California area:

My name is Kelly and I am from The Norah Foundation. We are a non-profit, who's mission is to better the experience of families with children in the hospital. Our foundation was founded by the parents of Norah, whom spent many days with Norah in the NICU before, sadly, sending her to heaven. They felt, first hand, how difficult it was to not be by her side every second of the day. They see the benefits that could have been had if they had a NICU camera that could have given them a glimpse of their newborn while they were away. Therefore the foundation would like to learn more about your product and application in the NICU environment for continuous parent surveillance. We are located in the Sacramento, Ca area. We would be very interested in talking further or setting up a demo for our team to learn more about your product and offerings. Look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact Kelly at

Also, if anyone has input on the technical or potential legal / HIPAA issues involved, please share.

I see one maybe two cameras that are marketed for this use case. This looks like it needs specialized (mounting at least) hardware and the options out there look outdated. Looking at you Nicview and AngelEye. Any one have experience with either of these systems?

Nicolas, thanks! That Nicview from Natus seems directly designed for this application.

Here is their marketing video:

The camera itself seems nothing special but perhaps this company has solved the legal / privacy issues involved. Natus, publicly traded, has nearly $400 million in total revenue though surely most of it is not from this Nicview product.

The compliance is the tricky part. I don't see anyway around assigning a username / password per family / infant (and then deleting), which will translate into 1) a mandatory integration with the hospital IT system and 2) a dedicated training budget for the IT org and nursing staff. I am guessing $3k - $5k per camera.