No, IPVM Is Not Biased FOR Avigilon

I really enjoyed this email complaint:

"Whenever you list a review, test or comparison of software providers Avigilon is always listed first. Maybe this is alphabetically correct but it also gives the impression that they are #1 in any category they are being compared in. "

Cause everybody in the industry knows, IPVM is definitely biased for Avigilon (1, 2, 3, 4).

And, yes, we typically use alphabetical ordering, so if ACTi or Arecont were included in a list, they would be listed before Avigilon (because everyone knows we are biased for Arecont as well).

I am sensitive to ordering, but you have to use some form of ordering when you are citing multiple items in a set. Alphabetical is the easiest one for people to understand as being unbiased and yet some people will still read more into it.

And, yes, if you are thinking about a company name, starting one with an 'A' has natural benefits because people typically list things alphabetically.

And if you are really clever, name your company with a number (3VR, 3xLogix, etc.).

The 'phonebook ranking' effect has been a real thing for years. However, I have to think what's good for bail bondsmen and plumbers is not the same advantage for security camera manufacturers.

It most certainly does not have the same impact, but names with A still have benefits even within B2B businesses like security.

And if you look at the security/surveillance companies with A, it's highly disproportionate: ACTi, ADT, AgentVI, Aimetis, American Dynamics, Arecont Vision, Avigilon, AVTech, Axis, Axxonsoft, etc.

It all makes sense now: the public spats, the little lovers' quarrels... methinks Avigilon and IPVM both doth protest too much!

The statement did not suggest any bias on your part. It merely pointed out what is sometimes a perception by the reader.

Me personally have not felt a particular bias on the part of IPVM. I have not read anything over the past three or four years that I felt showed a bias. I will say that it does appear that if a product is good and wins a test IPVM will tell the truth.

However I will also so if you piss John off he will let you know. LOL.

No just poking fun at how often it seams people want to get into a pissing contest with you John.