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Night Time LPR

I had a request for toll road after a freak accident (where the driver was underage with no license killed 7 people after midnight) for a night time LPR for high speed car capture (faster 120 km/h or about 70m/h), please share about the type of camera use (resolution, number of lane, distance monitored, fps, shutter speed, etc).

Any additional external lighting if any and is the lighting just turned on at all times or having another sensor to detect incoming cars and flashing it in synchronize time to the shutter speed of the camera/another system?

Our license plate is the non-reflective type of license plate, just plain and simply paint (black, red and yellow background) with white for the letters/numbers.

70Mph? Oh, that's really fast. Listen, you can experiment but life but the risk / time would be greatly reduced if you simply bought a real LPR camera.

In terms of using regular cameras, here is our license plate capture test report. As you suspect, adding external light and synchronizing to shutter speed will certainly be key. Of course, a super fast shutter speed will be needed as well.

Our toll roads are switching from RFID transponders to LPR and here in California, 120km is the slow lane and the LPR cameras for the toll roads are good up to about little over 100mph because I friend of mine tried it and at about 105mph, he didn't get a warning letter. This was for citing people without a transponder but in May they are going to LPR for registered users. Since they started this, there's a very annoying flash when I cross the toll readers, so my guess is they are relying on white light, at least until it causes an accident and they get sued. They were actually still putting up the cameras and lights when I used the toll road a few days ago.

You may want to contact them and see if they will share what they are using. Their website is a clever hWelcome to The Toll Roads | The Toll Roads

Another resource and they've been doing this for a while is the Texas Tollway ( This is what got me excited about LPR because they knew every toll road that I took while there on business and they don't drive much slower in Texas than in California