Nigeria Accuses Chinese Company Of $470 Million Fraud

A few months ago we discussed whether a 10,000 camera Nigerian highway project was doomed to fail. Today, I found a news report on an investigation into a $470 million Nigerian CCTV project. One claim was that,

"Some of the materials deployed for the critical national security infrastructure are of low quality compared to what is used in China."

Another claimed the cameras were 'fake'.

Anyone know anything about this?

Below is a picture of one installed camera, shared on Flickr:


What is the reason for the davits on both these cameras? Make maintenance more challenging, prevent tampering from the public climbing poles...

Robert, I did not notice that. Good question! Maybe it is to make it harder to tamper with the cameras? It does not seem functionally necessary to have the cameras extended out a meter from the pole.

For that price I am surprised no solar panels were provided.

And where are the wireless antennas?

And why are there two stupid cables hanging out the bottom of the enclosure? Thas just inviting vandalism.

The davit for the PTZ makes some sense - it permits the PTZ to see more in the trunk's direction.