NICET Course For CCTV Systems Installers Vs IPVM Camera Course

How do you feel the IPVM course rates in comparison to the NICET certification course offered?

Has anyone completed both courses and if so please explain your experience.

Marty, good question, thanks for asking!

We've never had anyone ask us about this before, and rarely people mention NICET for video, so I do not think it's common but I'd be curious to hear as well.

Here's the NICET Video Security certification web page. Also, SIA shows the NICET VSST study guide here. The table of contents indicates it is from 2009. I actually bought that guide years ago and it was way out of date then. As such, I'd like to know if the course has been recently updated.

One thing for our courses, we update them every year. For example, on the camera course in progress, we just added smart codecs, 1/2" super low light cameras, new multi-imager cameras, new DNR technologies, etc. to make sure students to get the technology right now.