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Exprience With Next Level Security Systems?

I have a potential customer with a fairly new (2 years) installation of 20ish IP cameras and it is being recorded on a NEXT LEVEL Security Systems NVR. Has anyone dealt with this company before or can give any insight on the manufacturer? The company that services their equipment is about 900 miles away.

I'm thinking this isn't worth my time supporting this product - and I likely wont - but more information would be key. I may just propose a new NVR - but thought I would seek out some information first.

Next Level

It appears to be some kind of combo access/video panel - GW-3000 NVR. I've never run into their equipment before - figured some one might have.

Next Level is an early stage company and, as you say, their core value proposition is a combination solution - NVR / access control / video analytics / managed video / all in one.

They were very active in marketing and new product releases up until the last year or two, when they have become a lot less vocal.

If you are looking for one product to try to do it all, it is interesting.

Hi Scott,

I work for Next Level, so I don't have an impartial view of the company. But I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the product or how to support it. Can you say what software version it is on?

Yes, John, we quieted the horn tooting, but not the updates or releases. :) We are still publishing new releases several times a year.

Brian, thanks. Can you share a recap or links to what are the new features / functions?

Sure, John. Without looking back too far, changes in the latest release included the addition of Intrusion into the platform. We now have integrated support for DMP XR150 and XR550 panels.

We added support for Motion and I/O events from cameras running ONVIF 2.1 and later, along with a bunch of new camera and encoder models. The ongoing supported models list is at

The biggest changes in the last release were on the access control front. We added elevator control for Mercury panels. We added support for the Axis A1001, Mercury FW 1.18.5, secondary doors on the Mercury EP-1501s, 64-bit cards, full support for card #'s greater than 32 bits, and CORP 1000 cards (3 parity bits).

We also made significant increases in the configuration capacities our system can handle: Access Levels from 200 to 8000; Access Levels per cardholder from 32 to 128; Access card limit from 10,000 to 100,000; Schedules allowed from 100 to 255; and Holidays allowed from 100 to 255.

And we now allow multiple active cards per cardholder.

There is also a new flagship appliance model, the GW-6000.

But this reply was supposed to be just an offer to answer support questions. So, I'll stop. You can dig out more info at

Helpful, thanks!