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Next-Gen Video Encoding: X265 Tackles HEVC/H.265

Tomshardware just did some preliminary tests on an early release of the HEVC codec that just got released today. Thoughts?

Here is some more info on the new codec. This site actually has some sample images for quality comparison. They are saying HEVC will require 5x to 10x more CPU power to do the same encoding and save aprox 25% - 35% on the bit rates.

The report does not say that decode CPU power requires 5X-10X - only the encoding process.

From the point of view of the VMS client - onlt the decode matters as encoding is done in hardware by an ASIC/DSP in the IP camera/encoder.

Great reads... thx for the links!

Loved the Sandy/Ivy/Haswell gear comparison. We're working on Haswell migration now.

Here's a bit more on Open GOP/CRA.