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Newark Airport Has Some Kind Of Surveillance In The Lighting, It Seems.

This stupid article, which couldn't be more vague if it were describing a feminine hygiene product, is possibly trying to say that there are "sensors" in the new lights, according to the Port Authority.

Anyone know what they're talking about?

I particularly like the closing paragraph, which I'll bet they have saved as a keyboard shortcut for use whenever an article mentioning surveillance technology comes up.

According to the photo in the NYT article that original post links to, this is an LED lighting fixture with an Axis M30 built into it taped onto it. Big whoop. Hey world, airports have a lot of cameras. SURPRISE!

Holy cow, those are expensive light fixtures!

We covered the prospect of projects like these in our "Can Integrators Replace Electricians?" post.

John found a much less stupid article, here.