New Samsung H.265 5MP Dome Camera

I was looking for a different model when I saw this pop up. I didn't attend ISC West this year so it could be old news, but if you guys get a chance, I would be interested in a review of one of these models.

I've been pretty impressed as of late (I have only recently quoted and utilized their products) with the overall quality of their other cameras and would like to see how these models perform. If anyone has comments or concerns with them I would also be interested. I haven't run into any, but I haven't used them much either.

5MP Samsung W/O IR

5MP Samsung with IR

Robb, thanks for sharing!

Did you notice they are listing H.265 for these cameras? :)

I am wondering if this is WiseNet III, if it has true WDR, what the price is, when it's actually shipping, etc. Let us check on our side and if anyone has any info, please share.

Simply because of H.265, we would consider testing this.

The new 5MP H.265 cameras should be shipping in August. Both feature SmartIR, IP66, IK10, triple codec, true WDR, 30fps, motorized zoom lens, simple focus, p-iris, lens distortion correction, hallway view mode, -40 PoE, defog, pixel counter, AAC audio.

Datasheets are at:

The dome should only be a few $ more than the current (new) SNV-8080 5-mp H.264 dome.

We checked pricing and availability on distribution.

The 5MP does not appear to be shipping yet. Its online / street price is likely to be in the ~$900 range, which will be to roughly $300 more than the 1080p IR vandal dome model.

Thanks for the info!

Please note that the datasheet specs for the camera on the above link from "Undisclosed 1 Manufacturer" are for a SNV-8081R and it does not specify H.265. It only shows H.264 and MJPEG. The specs also say it is a 1080p camera, not 5MP.

Samsung did confirm to me that SNV-8081R is a 5MP camera and does have H.265 compression.

Here's a better link

Update: Shipping estimate on the new H.265 domes is now October. We will update here if anything else changes.

Update: Shipping estimate is now December. No idea what is going wrong here.

Production shipments to all of our distributors will start at the end of next week or November 30th depending on the holiday schedule. The SNV-8081R is 5MP 30FPS Vandal IP66 dome camera, and has multiple compression technologies available (MJPEG, H.264 and H.265). We are looking forward to all of our partners to support the new H.265 compression now and in the near future.

3, what VMSes / recorders support H.265 from the SNV-8081R currently? We'll need to know so we can test it.