New Push/Pull Door Hardware

I saw a display for "Brink's Home Security Push Pull Rotate Door Knobs and Levers" at the store this weekend. Catch the promo video:

I thought the concept was useful, but with some pretty big yellow flags:

Residental Grade Only: while the concept COULD be adapted for commercial hardware applications, currently it is targeted for home use only. A leverset doubling as an exit device is a cool idea.

No Locks: I guess cramming in all the other components into the hardware excluded making room for lock cylinders? Usually outdoor doors have two locks- a leverset and a deadbolt - but this potentially weakens overall security by excluding one lock.

Tamper-Prone: The demo display for this product was useful. The hardware is nice and hefty, and seemed to be made of good quality assemblies. However, at a home improvement store, stuff that can tamper with locks is just laying around everywhere, and someone sprayed a can of spraypaint all over a knob, which seemed to gunk it up beyond use. It would not push, pull, OR rotate, meaning the door stayed shut. Not good in a fire!

It was pricey, with the cheapest set costing about $60 - compared with a similar 'traditional' set costing $12. But hey, I thought it was a cool concept for a market segment that almost never produces new ideas!