New Products Or Innovations In Perimeter Detection

I didn't go to ISC this year, but I heard there were some rather cool innovations using drones and cameras for perimeter security, did anyone get to see anything like this and was it a viable solution?

SpotterRF was actually promoting their radar for drone detection. There were a number of mobile camera startups, I don't think they were drones but they could be used for perimeter protection.

There was the Quanergy LIDAR device, and the Knightbridge security robot, which we mentioned in the ISC West 2016 post. Axis was also showing their Defender analytics, which are in that same post.

I saw a drone from Aptomony as well (pic below):

I think drones are still a ways off. Too many unknowns in regards to the FAA in the US and using them for commercial purposes. From what I hear from drone enthusiasts if you strictly comply with FAA regs in regards to flying too close to airports it cuts out a LOT of commercial areas.

There were a couple of new analytics companies, a few people recommended that I check out Jemez analytics. I had a chat with them, seems interesting.

It did seem like there were more perimeter-protection focused things than in the past, but this was also the first year I had a chance to really walk around a lot of the show.

[FLIR Poster]

We showed a DJI UAV with a small PTZ camera attached tied into the Latitude VMS and running 3D mapping and control in Cameleon. It was cool but we weren't allowed to fly it around the booth. The camera moved and displayed though.

We also showed our integration with SpotterRF in the booth. Thanks Spotter!

The 360 Thermal booth was pretty cool (no pun intended and no promotion) as was the LIDAR mentioned.

I didn't see much else beyond the huge BOSCH wall and HIK banners surrounding us!