New Interactive Game: Name That OEM

So a friend is looking for a cheap big-box camera system for his home, and I want to steer him toward Dahua, simply because I've found their interface, setup, and remote apps to be head and shoulders above the likes of HIK and DigiFlirEx. Only catch is figuring out which Costco brands and models are actually OEM'd by Dahua.

I believe Swann has used Dahua gear before, but looking through their support offerings, it doesn't look like most of it is now.

It seems SOME Q-See models are (particularly the QC model line, based on screenshots of the software and the fact the default login is admin/admin) but it's hard to say what other models might be. Their support site has you select the series and model when you're looking for downloads... in some cases the remote software seems to be different for different models even within a series. SOME of the photos look like Dahua units I'm familiar with, at least outwardly.

So if you were going to look for a certain budget brand under a different name... how would YOU tell?

Every Q-See I have seen is Dahua, so start with those units. Then goto the spec, it will list the cameras it is compatible with.

If it lists Dahua first and no Hik anywhere, I'd say the odds are approaching 99% it's Dahua.

Ooooo good call on the camera compatibility, thanks.

But if Dahua won't sell under their own name outside China, would they still be listed under the compatibility?


Shameless Biased Alphabetizing, "A" before "D" except before Arecont.

Hahahah awesome, thanks :) Arecont can go to the very bottom of the list, far as I'm concerned.

I've actually found the 'true' manufacturer sometimes by locating an online operators manual and 'Control-F'ing through it looking for a reference to the MAC address.

This sometimes shows a screenshot of network config screens that show the MAC address of the device in the manual (camera or DVR).

Then just check an OUI lookup to find the real manufacturer.

Nice, I like it! Thanks!