New Install/Service Vehicle - Any Suggestions?

Looking to replace my tech's older F-150 (with custom camper shell and roof rack) with something a little more user friendly for installs and service calls (it's a real pain to get things out of the bed with the low ceiling).   Price is always a concern, but functionality is what I'm looking for.  It must be able to carry 30' extension ladders, have storage space/racks/shelves for supplies and tools and space for equipment storage - only needs to have 2 seats really.  I'm looking at a few models, but wanted to hear what everyone else uses and why?  Pictures would be appreciated if you did some custom work/mods.

#1, we have a guide on this: Integrator Service Vehicle Guide as well as a report Pimp My Integrator Truck.

Let us know if those help or if you have questions.

I swear I did a key word search and went through about 5 pages and didn't find this!  Much appreciated!

I have had experience with 3 different Transit Connects. 2 were purchased with around 100K miles, and the last with 130k ish.


Rock solid, fuel, oil changes, and they keep going. I looked at one with 350k miles but that was just too much for me.


These came equipped different ways, but the one I liked the best had a shelf going across the back. Our current Connect used to be an ADT van, and we took one of the shelves out for wiring. They all have ladder racks.


My next vehicle would probably be a full size van, as the Connect is a tad small for installs.

The Promaster City is in the same class as the Ford Transit Connect but has more cargo space (largest in this class.) Those are probably the most popular right now in our area.

The issue is the midsize and all wheel vans have all been killed off. If you don't need front wheel drive and can make do with RWD I would say get a Nissan NV1500 since it is a bit less than the transit and comes with a 60mo/100k mile warranty on basic and powertrain whereas the Ford is 60mo/36k basic 60k power train.

We require AWD/FWD in our area and we rarely go up to the full Ford Transit or the Full Promaster over the Promaster City since they are gas hogs and way larger than what is needed for install. We put 24ft extension ladders on our vans and they work fine. I would hitch the vehicle with a small trailer if you have a huge install that it would need all the extra room for (can tow 2k lbs).