New: Calculator Adds PPF/PPM Zones

IPVM has added PPF/PPM zones to the Camera Calculator, offering better visibility of how smart cameras and AI analytics are supported by system design.

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New PPF/PPM Zones

PPF/PPM Zones are a new feature that visually displays 4 different regions within a camera's field of view to help build more accurate designs.

The zones are currently set to:

  • Green: 100ppf+ / 328ppm+ for facial recognition
  • Orange: 50ppf - 99ppf/ 164ppm to 327ppm to for identification and LPR/ANPR
  • Red: 10ppf to 49ppf / 33ppm to 163ppm for people and vehicle detection
  • Blue: 9ppf / 32ppm and lower for general coverage/visibility

We plan on adding an option to customize these zones in a future update.

Overview Video

The following 1 minute video overviews the new PPF/PPM Zone feature:

New Project Controls

There are new project level controls under the camera list labeled "Camera View Options" which offer toggling 4 field of view options:

  • Show Camera Views
  • Show Only Current Camera View
  • Show Camera Blind Spots
  • Show PPF/PPM Zones

These can be toggled individual or in any combination, and will be reflected in the live view and on exports.

That means if you want to export a floorplan with just the camera locations, but no field of views showing, turn off "Show camera views" and export as a PPT or PDF:

IPVM Image

Walls Feature In Development

As we disclosed earlier this year, we are adding walls to the Calculator, in addition to continuing updates to the Phone Camera Calculator.

Let us know what you think about the PPF/PPM zones, and any other features you would like to see in comments below, or email me at

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