Network Optix Nx Witness Feedback?

Hello all, any IPVM members have recent or updated information on Network Optix Nx Witness VMS application and their NX2 and NX3 appliances? The latest user experiences etc.. on the forum dates back to 2013.

thank you ahead of time for any comments or feedback.

No, we have not tested NX Witness since 2013 or so.

The main barrier is that NX Witness is only available in North America through DW (as Spectrum). As such, we could not meaningfully say how much better (or not) it has gotten.

We see some but not a lot of interest / demand for DW from integrator members so we might test it but it's not high priority. Related, next VMS we plan to test is Salient.

Joel, we have numerous installations of DW Spectrum, but have never used Nx or DW hardware. We just use OTS hardware, usually Lenovo or Dell servers, so I can't help you much with the Nx hardware. We were intrigued by the new Nx1 Micro Hive Server, but it isn't available to us here in the USA and we haven't seen DW offer it either.

As far as the VMS, it has really come a long way in the last few years. They are always adding new features. Since they rewrote the whole thing in 2.3, there have been major additional features. We are waiting for the new mobile app to be released on the DW side.

If we were to have any complaints, it is the fact that Nx decided to use DW exclusively here in the USA, which slows the release of new Nx versions. Well, and the fact that DW chose to use orange instead of blue in the UI. =)

Hi Joel -

Feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions as well. We're always happy to talk with new users to answer any questions you may have about the platform, hardware, or business. My email address is

We have several NX Witness servers running on good quality Asus generic PC hardware, on Linux Ubuntu 14.04. Running on Linux makes it much easier to remotely manage & monitor than Windows.

Very stable, very reliable, very good user interface. Also very fast & user responsive, low resource usage.

The new NX Mobile app is better, even quicker at showing cameras, good streaming, great wow factor with potential customers.

Always pleasantly surprised when highlighting an object with the 'smart search' the movement timeline instantly showing the movement of that item in red checkmarks in whichever zoom timescale your on, even months.

The user interface is a lot of auto-magic, it's always trying to predict what you want and auto-prepare the answer, not waiting for 'ok' or 'save'.

We purchase it in New Zealand from NFS National Fire & Security, $NZ200 per camera.

Hi David -

Great to hear! Let us know if you have any difficulties you'd like to see addressed in our software as well - we're always looking for front-line feedback from integrators and users and any pain points they are experiencing.