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Network Optix DW Spectrum Download Page Down...

Anyone else use the Network Optix website to get early download access to newest versions for DW Spectrum? I always loved this page because it gave me up to date versions. Digital Watchdog is really slow on giving dealers access to updated versions/patches. And getting beta versions for testing is a real hassle through them. 

The following link LINK used to always work but has been down for approximately a week now...


Anyone know why they took this down?

Because giving unfettered access to beta versions was never a good idea.

Do companies typically provide open access to beta versions?? To undisclosed integrator #1??

I disagreed with your post, because I provide update codes to our beta testing partners and my cell phone, office phone and email address are all over the DW website. If reaching out to me is a ‘real hassle’ over a link (that should never have been public) then so be it. But IMO beta testing partners should provide relevant feedback to assist in timely releases.


Network Optix doesn't feel threatened the same way you do. It's a real shame because the new versions "are" out there. It's just that they aren't in the DW Spectrum wrap...

As I mentioned earlier, it not just the beta versions, all new releases are considerably late to be posted compared to how they were posted on the NX page that I mentioned earlier. 


I didn't think it was too much to ask to have access to new features for testing as soon as they are made available. And the release notes are up to date per release on the NX site. (No such thing on the DW site) It was also nice to have access to patches without having to go through tech support.


As an example: your FTP site is so backdated that it doesn't have anything past version 3.0. Version 3.2 beta is already being released on the NX side.

Undisclosed Integrator #1,

“I didn't think it was too much to ask to have access to new features for testing as soon as they are made available.” – You still have not asked.

Not sure you have adequate knowledge about me to know how I feel.

Our development partner agreed with shutting down the page you reference.

And yes I am well aware that all new releases were not posted to our site at the same time as the page you mention, which was never meant to be public. Since we are in the front line position to support all new releases, there are items we need fixed prior to release. Being the keen observer of the private page you reference, I am sure you noticed some of the patches that quickly followed each release; our support team may have had something to do with some of these patches.

Release notes are on our website - Release Notes

The DW Spectrum page on our website contains version 3.1, version 3.0 and a current link to previous versions.

“Version 3.2 beta is already being released on the NX side.” – Yes, well aware because I have authorized access to it, as do our preferred partners. But neither the DW side or Nx side has released it for general public consumption.