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NETWORK ENGINEER Required TODAY 7/26/13 - MILLBRAE, CA - $125 Ph Cash

Milestone / wins7 ultimate / Dell / 2 x ACTI E73 / Netgear / OS Updates / pass key license / etc

System installed yesterday. My NE is out today. Text 650-619-0606 if interested

Thank you

Ted Brady (Richard)

What is this, Craig's List? LOL

Ted, if there are specific technical issues we can provide guidance on, explain them and let us know.

Lol to the craigslist comment and Star Trek image!

$250/hr minimum 5 hrs, return flights from Miami and a room at the nearest Marriott.... and I might be interested!

PS that was from my boss BTW! As John said, be happy to try & help online in some way

My bad.....under pressure! Appologies

This we've all been in those situations where we felt we had to pull out all the stops not matter what.

Ted, no worries! btw, has Milestone been able to help?

Richard do you have any remote desktop access to the system?

If you had a time machine, you could hop in and go back to 2011 and call SecurityNerds!

....."Captain Picard",,very good Michael. My problem resolved I see the humor. Enjoy the weekend y'all.

Just giving you a hard time! No hard feelings? :)

I think the funniest part is that you are 10 minutes from Silicon Valley... Can't find any network engineers there?

Easy now....

No hard I just thought it was kind of funny that he was practically in Silicon Valley in need of a network engineer.

Gleason, please do not criticize or poke fun at other members. Btw, he might be looking for someone specifically with VMS / Milestone experience which is more specialized (and something lots of our members already have).

I'm not poking fun at anyone. We've all needed a hand or two before, I was simply pointing out that he was reaching out for a Network Engineer on IPVM, ten minutes from the Mecca of network engineers. Maybe he even found one from IPVM in SV, I was just pointing out the proximity.

lol......I have enjoyed all posts. Thank you gentlemen. I'm very easy going, John. All these posts are in good fun, thank you.

I tried networking with help from the pros some years back and simply put, it is just not my forte!! These days, I don't nor I won't have anything to do with it, and my work day is so much more pleasant.

I started off about 6 years ago with Analog and DVR's when customers didn't want nor expect a network connection. Essentially I was a jack of all trades, master of none. As time went by I quickly learned from mistakes that my role in the business was sales and project management.

I started outsourcing networking and cable installation and of course charged a lot more but this resulted in (1)a great job, (2) done in a timely fashion and (3) with zero repercussions. This in turn resulted in improving my sales pitch as I could see the quality of our work in comparison to others and also gave me time to research the ever changing industry technology. With technology ever changing and the growing number of non-security devices that can be found on networks today, it is in my opinion even more critical to have experienced NE's on the crew.

Yes John, perhaps I could have called Milestone but to be fair the task at hand was more than Milestone and I would need to be more fluent in networking before I decided even to take that route.

Barry, remote desktop is a default policy of ours because then generally there is no reason for a site visit post installation.

R. Gleeson, sure the place is awash with networking pros but I didn't want to go through any kind of interview scenario (A) because I'm not qualified and (B) because it was a 4 hour job and I thought well at least if I post here someone will have experience and know exactly what I'm talking about without me needing to babysit them in the right direction.

The pressure was on me because there had been a breach in security the night before when I should have had the system running (in an ideal world) but it Definitely needed to be fully operational yesterday as the probability of another breach was high. So, I was getting to the point of drawing myself a sign and posting my ass on the 101 freeway looking for an NE!!

As it turned out, one of my own crew became available. Incidentally, this was a very quick deployment where I was facilitating my client with a 3 day turnaround on a remote location in a Nema enclosure and with zero hardware on hand.

Anyway, cocktails were enjoyed at the local on Friday late afternoon. I've a restaurant in San Francisco on Monday morning..........wonder what I'll have for lunch!!

Enjoy the weekend John and co, fellow members, Craigslist lovers and Trekies



Perfectly reasonable request, IMO. Perfectly reasonable price, too. And IPVM.COM is a good place to look. Remember, people, if you're here, you're at the right end of the clue-by-four as we all struggle together to make physical security systems work with their associated networks. IPVM.COM may in fact be "craig's list for convergence-clueful physical security technologies" ;-) Maybe we need to ask John for separate marketplace category... As far as I know there isn't an "Angie's List of Integrators" - something more than one of my customers has asked for.

Ted, glad it worked out!

Rodney, interesting suggestion about a separate marketplace category / "Angie's List of Integrators". I have been thinking about how to help solve the problem of finding quality surveillance / physical security specialists.

Certainly, there are many high qualified professionals here (especially in niches that are hard to find locally). Plus, we get requests regularly for help finding someone (a person in X, somebody who does Y, etc.). There's clearly an unmet demand for that.

For now, I am OK with posting discussions for it. Next year, I'd like to do something more formal where we have a map and search function that lets seekers find professionals based on region, expertise, experience, etc. My thought is to give it away for free as a way to reward quality professionals and pull new visitors who are looking for help.

Thanks Rodney. I felt the same way when posting my request. It seemed logical to reach out in this direction!