IP Camera Solution For Bird Nests?

I have a customer who has a pets shop also big aviaries for coupling such birds like toucans etc.

He wants special cameras to put inside the nests , and for aviaries where he can catch special moments of some behaviors.

Is there any independent or stand alone system you recommend?

I never imagined this thread could be used in a serious answer... :)

Does he want/need to ability to invoice and grant access to individual cameras?

My dad has a giant bullet camera with integrated IR ring pointed at a nest of sparrows outside his window. The IR ring attracts bugs for them to eat at night. My dad is proud of this setup, because I get snapshots frequently emailed to me of birds doing bird stuff in the nest.

I think he uses a cheap IP camera, DDNS, and his home wifi router for this. No special equipment needed.

I think a key point here is that the camera is behind a window and not actually 'in' with the birds. This offers a high level of protection to the camera, which would need to be considered if it were actually inside of a cage. That said, a bullet isn't a bad idea since they can be relatively small, use integrated IR and have protection from the bullet casing.

Depending on how big the nest areas are, it may require a fairly wide angle of view to capture everything with a single camera (assuming that is the goal). I would assume little obstruction inside of a nesting area, but in a larger sized estuary where it is more of a 'natural habitat', I can see things like trees and bushes, etc. becoming obstructions to the camera FoV.

How about an MX S15D?

Dual camera capacity, lots of lens options, nice video/audio capture and free operational software.

Plus it's a nice POE power load should they be doing remote nesting captures.

VIVOTEK FD8152V should do the job. It's very small, supreme low-lux visibility, vandal-proof, wide angle(102°@F2 or 69°@F4 model) and built-in IR.

Please take a look at http://www.vivotek.com/fd8152v

Poster is from FLIR


Maybe this? Simple and consumer oriented. Multiple people can be given the login. Local and cloud recording. Sound and video recording as well as sound, motion, temp and humidity alarms. Battery backup. $200 USD.