Need Software To Display ONVIF Ip Cameras

We have a system with a mix of Dahua and Uniview cameras... so all the cameras wont display on either the Dahua client software OR the Uniview client software.

We need some software we can install on the clients workstations that will display all the cameras.
It does NOT need to record... just needs to display them

Any suggestions?

What about VLC? Open th media stream and go full stream?

The client has a whole system full of cameras... 16

So we need them to be able to see all the cameras from their desk.
I'm pretty sure you can only view one camera via vlc.

What make are the cameras? Often cameras ship with free software from the vendor?

:) hello, that was the first thing i said in my first post...

they are a mix of 2 manufacturers... Dahua NVR and Uniview cameras...

SO the dahua software will only show their cameras

The Uniview software wont work because the nvr is Dahua.

Just need software that will show onvif cameras...

[I work for Aimetis]

Kenny - Aimetis makes a universal decoder that can display up to 16 camera views at one time. The product part number is AIM-A10D. It will discover the ONVIF cameras (Profile S) on the network, you can pick which cameras to display.

You can learn more by clicking here.

Just use iSpy.

VERY Versatile. and has a terrific auto scan tool to help identify cameras from an incredibly long list of manufactures.

No i don't work for them.

AxxonSoft had a free 16CH version, but now they've made only 4CH free.

BTW, Uniview is now officially UNV. Have you tried their own CMS / VMS ?- document

If nothing works - Try

Try NxWitness from Network Optix. It is free to stream and view Onvif cameras live.

Vincent, thanks for sharing. That's a pretty interesting suggestion. I did not know NxWitness allowed that.

As well as the US version, DW Spectrum. You only need a license to record. For sure works well with Dahua, however I've never used Uniview before. As long as it's ONVIF compliant, it should work.

I could Not get it to work with NX Witness....
It looks like you have to have one of their servers installed before you can add cameras to the software.

I was never able to add any cameras to NX Witness.

Turns out DW Spectrum is the same software as NS Witness...

You cant add any cameras unless you connect to one of their servers first...

That is correct. Simply install the FULL VERSION and not just the CLIENT. Then, you will have a server and client.

Another thought would be to invest in a cheap NVR that does both. Dahua does RTSP so that's probably the best. How much could one cost?