Need Help On Identifying The DVR OEM

One of our customers has a DVR which is OEM'd in China. Through the MAC address 00:12:57:7e:3b, I could find out that it belongs to LeapComm Communication Technologies Inc based out of China. But google doesn't seem to return any meaningful results for this company. Can anyone help?

Btw, one of our customers has this DVR & needs this to be integrated for their IT system & he's no SDK.

Do you have a pic of the DVR itself or its web interface? That would help.

I did a search for the company as well as its address and did not get back anything meaningful.

Btw, in general, if they only have one or a few of these DVRs better and cheaper to replace it with a platform that already works than to try to integrate it.

I agree that it's a good option. There are about 10 of those DVRs, we'll weigh the cost option before taking that route. I'll post the screen shots of the web interface tomorrow & hopefully it can help.

I'm 99% sure LeapComm is a component manufacturer. I think they make modems and NICs, and I think I've heard of them before. So whoever makes the DVR hasn't coded in their own MAC.

Makes sense, and if so, hints that this is a fairly small manufacturer as bigger ones usually have their own OUI.