Need Help Identifying Some CCTV Gear

We gave recommendations for IP CCTV gear, based on our corporate standards, to one of our buildings in São Paulo, Brazil. They said “Thanks, but no thanks” and went ahead and got their own cheap stuff. Are there any fellow IPVMers out there that can help me figure out what this stuff is? I’ve been messing with google translate, but I seem to always find myself on a catalog page that has multiple items on it, and I can’t tell which ones are the actual items I’m looking for. As always, thanks for any help you all can lend.

5 - Camera Day Night IR 30 M lente 3,5 a 12 mm PENKO

5 - Conversor de Video-par Trançado Passivo 400m Penko

5 - Fonte de Alimentação - 24v - 1A Mytsuba

1 - DVR Stand Alone - 8CH - 120 fps - H264 - PENT - STA-CR - DVR8304B iNTELBRAS

Without translating, and I am not sure exactly what you are trying to figure out, I see:

5 IR Day/Night cams with IR to 30 meters 3.5-12MM Vari-Focal Lenses

5 Pairs of Baluns for running on UTP

5 24V 1A Transfromers for Camera Power

1 8Channel pentaplex h264 DVR with up to 15 frames per second per channel

Looks like a generic analog system.

Sorry if I missed your point.

Thanks, David. That's exactly what I was looking for. I knew it was analog, I just didn't know the specifics of what they decided to get.

Intelbras is a Brazilian brand that seems to mostly OEM Dahua. So the DVR is one of these, probably.

It's possible they're using Intelbras for all of it, but who knows. I agree with David, looks pretty generic in their descriptions.

Greetings Tony Darland, from IVAN the new IPVM-RoboTagger!

I have identified your items, with correction(s).* Click product picture(s) for additional info.

Thank You for letting us serve you today, Tony Darland!

*DVR Part Number should be DVR8308B, not DVR8304B with Confidence of 96%.

*Varifocal Range of Penko DIE30 should be 2.8mm not 3.5mm with Confidence of 75%.

Good job, 1!

Those cameras look OEM as well, and fairly low end to boot.

Though the Penko Part numbering scheme is possibly native.

DIE-30 doesn't inspire much confidence in an Anglo buyer, since it sounds like a MTBF value or a (very) limited warranty period.

Similar to the contemptuous way the Chevy Nova was initially received in Latin America, literally translating as "It doesn't go."