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Need Cat7 Wiring?

I was going through some Mobotix literature and I saw they recommended using Cat 7 wiring for their products. Why would anyone want to use Cat 7 since isn't it the same price as fiber? Has anyone ever used Cat 7 before?

They actually recommend it? Are they insane? I hope no one has used Cat 7 for security, because I'd feel really sorry for them.

Which Mobotix literature is recommending Cat 7 wiring? I found it in the MxWire documentation but the camera documentation does list cat 5.

T24 Hemispheric Door Station

From the manual, they note, "Ethernet cable (for example, CAT7) or existing bell wire is sufficient to connect the door"

It seems like it's just a bizarre example.

For the record, Ethan, can you give a quick overview of what Cat7 is and what it costs vs Cat5e/6 so readers can better appreciate the differences.

I don't actually know the cost of it, but I think it's probably at least double what a standard Cat 6 costs.

As far as construction, if I remember correctly, each pair is individually shielded, then there's a braided screen over the entire cable, and it's 23 AWG instead of 24. So it's much thicker than Cat 5e/6. When Cat 7 was first introduced, it didn't even use RJ45 connectors, because they theoretically wouldn't support the bandwidth required, so it used these:

At least they finally thought better of that.

I'm sure someone will pop in and tell me I'm wrong, but it's generally used nowhere. When it is used, it's for datacenter interconnect. There's no reason for it to be used as field cabling.

"Ethernet cable (for example, CAT7) or existing bell wire is sufficient to connect the door"

Wow, I didn't know the two have similar specs. What have I been thinking? From now on, I plan to connect all IP cameras with bell wire. Think of the cost savings!!!

Hard to find reliable Cat7 pricing on line - Nextag has one listing that puts a 500' roll at $179. Ouch.

Other listings put Cat6 UTP at $110/1000' and STP at $170/1000'. Sounds like Ethan's guess was pretty close.

From the manual, they note, "Ethernet cable (for example, CAT7) or existing bell wire is sufficient to connect the door"

Wow. That's quite the contrast.

Cat7: Lambroghini Aventador

Existing Bell Wire: Sanford & Son Pickup Truck

The main issue I see with most of those cable prices is that, at a glance, the only cable manufacturer I consider "major" which is selling Cat 7 in North America is Siemon. Mohawk, Belden, Superior-Essex, etc. etc. etc., all top out at 6A. I'd be willing to bet that at least one of those Nextag/Amazon listings is a false Cat 7 listing, and/or a false UL listing.

I'm wondering if that is not just a typo or possibly a translation issue?

Otherwise, yeah, it is one of the most extremely bizzare examples I've ever seen in a tech note.

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I am surprised that the industry is accepting cat 7, due to the fact that most of the facilities we are working on, are installing cat 6 and have recently accepted this as the standard for short runs with Fiber for interconnects & Long Distance.

Corning , Panduit , Leviton are some of the certifications required to install & reports of test & verifications.