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Need Bulk Management Of Interlogix Cameras? Use The Hikvision Tools

I am in desperate need to enable SNMP on my Interlogix Truvision cameras. The diminishing support from UTC has their hands full and I don't expect them to provide this capability in their device manager anytime soon. I started to do this one by one (550 cameras is a daunting task this way) when I realized that these are just rebranded HikVision cameras and should work with the HikVision tools.

Just tested this and it worked perfectly. So many opportunities to bulk manage my Truvision Cameras just opened wide open. I will be reporting back in this thread as I perform more config tasks on my Interlogix cameras with the HikVision tools.

What??? I thought Interlogix said they were just using Hikvision hardware, lol

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Thanks for sharing that #1. I'd like to hear how things go.

So serious success here. These are definitely manageable by Hikvision tools. I just bulk configured 50 TVD-540X series cameras to use SNMP with my chosen community strings. Such a relief. Now I am glad that these are just Hikvision cameras with a different nameplate and skin. I think that means that PSIM gateways and the like that work with HikVision APIs will work with the Interlogix cameras.

I have been working this Ilogix developers for years to get a simple thing like bulk adding cameras into their device manager to no avail. I don't know whether the Interlogix developers and engineers didn't know this, weren't allowed to mention it or were just didn't want to admit that the HikVision tools would meet the need that they could not meet.

So not only did the Hikvision tool work with Truvision Cameras. I used it to configure Truvision ENCODERS as well. Am I becoming a ward of the Chinese state now?


Progress report here. I got carried away and used the HikVision device manager to bulk configure over 500 cameras and encoders. I had needed SNMP enabled with a specific community string so now that this is done our Solarwinds system is managing these 550+ in addition to around 900 Axis and Sony cameras. Eureka.

If anyone else is trying to manage Truvision cameras and encoders in an enterprise environment across different subnets this tool opens a great many possibilities. For grins I am attaching a model breakdown from Solarwinds data collected via SNMP.

Model Breakdown Chart

Anyone else using SNMP to manage their cross vendor environment?

So SNMP enabled now for most Truvision devices. Note the listed manufacturer in SolarWinds for the Truvision TVE1610

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