Need Analytic To ID Stupidity

After watching this video I realize you can't fix stupid.

Speaking as someone who has spent time looking for eyeglasses while wearing them, I shall cast no stones.

I've done that with the glasses, but this weekend I was even worse. I lost my smartphone while I was holding it. (I guess the "smart" resides in the phone, and not in the user.)

I am right there with you Brian. This however is hilarious.

Unbelievable stupidity! How do operators in this day and age still don't know how to make a proper export?

BTW, this could never happen to a man!

After getting out the second time in disgust, any male (myself included), would have non-chalantly pulled the grimy fuel hose over the trunk or even roof of their vehicle, and down the opposite side, for a very minimal refueling before speeding off never to return to that station.:)

Soooo True , Like bad habits. Hard to reset. Focus, think, set your mind out of where ever it is.

Some times the mindset keeps some roaming thru life in an endless loop of what happened, whats happening, and why am i still here in the same old place or situation.

Some things Just have to get in the way to change direction.( another car )