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Neat New Product For Hanging Cameras

No association, just wanted to pass this along: Novattach

The product looks interesting, although from the image they appear a little clueless about actual cctv equipment ;)

Demo video:

^^^ Design inspiration:

Awesome. That takes care of 15% of installation cases. Now, how about the remaining 85%? 3M has your solution!

I've inquired about Novattach's price, and as soon as that comes back I'll share.

I tend to agree with Seth... the use case seems pretty limited to hanging from exposed trusses. Depending on your target vertical, this may be the majority of your cameras, but I think for most integrators it is a small minority of installation locations.

Now the Command Adhesive idea... For real, any success with that? (I have the shudders thinking about it.)

LOL, no, absolutely not! I'd be afraid to use adhesive in any setting, even the applications it's intended for. They invented anchors for a reason...

To me, the way they attached the camera housing automatically illegitimized their invention. Just looking at that installation on their website would make me shun their product.

Good day,

I am the inventor of the Novattach mounting system. I am happy that you have expressed some interest in the product. I would like to first respond to some of the comments regarding the inverted housing. I certainly understand and respect your concerns about the photos and therefore, we have replaced the photos on the web site.

There was a reason for installing these cameras in inverted housings and the only mistake was using these photos on the web site. The fact is that the project was indoor and therefore, the housing visor was redundant and did not obstruct the field of view. This housing only had the thread on the bottom so the integrator inverted it. I agree that it looks strange but it had no negative implications on the installation. The housing was used simply to protect the cameras from airborn particulate. Now that we have that out of the way, we will never allow this to happen again. I very much appreciate the input. If anyone has more questions or comments, please feel free to post here or contact us through the web site. Otherwise our email address is

Best Regards,


I'm dizzy. But not a bad product depending on the price.

Great for demos, beside that, maybe warehouses?