Ubiquiti Nanobeam - Intermittent Problems With Radios Locking Up And LAN Ports Going Offline

We had been using the Nanostation (NSM-5) radios for several years, which have been fairly solid with IP cameras. Recently, we have used Nanobeam radios in PTP and PTMP (with Rocket AC). We are experiencing intermittent problems with radios locking up and LAN ports going offline.

Anybody else having similar issues? If so, were you able to discover the cause?

We had some similar issues with the newer Nanobeams and more recent Nanostations (by recent, I mean the ones bought couple years ago, when we stopped using Ubiquitis). Sometimes a firmware flash would work. We'd hook some up inhouse to configure them and occasionally they'd send the network into turmoil with every computer reporting IP address conflicts all over the place.

We switched to Ligowave/Deliberant and they've been better, even though we're still open to other solutions.