If a Manufacturer Has Multiple Names For Their Products, How Should We Refer To Them?

Recently, we have had users looking for specific Bosch camera models in our IPVM Camera Finder and have run into a semantics issue.

Users looking for cameras such as "Bosch Dinion IP Starlight 7000 HD" (which is labeled as Bosch NBN-71013 in our camera finder) or "Autodome IP Dynamic 7000 HD" (labeled Bosch VG5-7230 in our finder) can become confused or unable to find a specific Bosch model using the model search functionality.

So, my question to the community is: What do you prefer we name Bosch camera models in the camera finder? Is it easier for you to search and understand the exact product name (NBN-71013), or by using the name of the line (Bosch Starlight 7000 HD)? Also, are there other manufacturers that do this that you think would be easier to search and understand with a different or additional naming nomenclature? Would adding a "Camera Line/Product Line" field in the finder be useful to you?

Comment and vote on the poll below to express your opinion.

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