Multitenant Video Intercom System W/ Mobile App

I am looking for a multi tenant IP based video intercom system that will have to support at least 10 tenants. The intercom system has to have a mobile app where the tenant can have 2 way communication as well as see the person at the door.

One company I found was butterflymx but I have no experience with them. Has anyone worked with them or another similar company?

Thanks for the help in advance

as much as i hate dealing with that stuff Aiphone makes pretty good stuff with support in that area not sure what the product numbers are but i know they have the stuff.

with Aiphone its not always the best/easiest to integrate but it is reliable.

Check out the Aiphone IX series.

We put weeks of study into this ourselves. Aiphone is the fallback and I have taken a look at Butterfly, it just did not fit our application. We did run across this that might appeal to you. They are UK based and I have seen their equipment before. I am taking a much closer look at them now. Good Luck with your project.

Edit; Sorry I left off the link.

Thanks for the suggestions