Multiple Panasonic WJ-HD316A NVR Client Question.

To help a prospective client delay some expenses, can someone tell us if the Panasonic Client that supports the WJ-HD316A NVR can log into and display cameras from multiple NVR's?

If it matters, what version of the Panasonic client is needed to do so?

Is there a limit to how many cameras can be displayed on a single display monitor?

the WJ-HD316 is a "DVR" not a "NVR" but yes it does support it if you are talking about the ASM200 software as the "Panasonic client"

16 per monitor up to 2 monitors with an extension package ASM201.

they support up to 256 physical devices or 256 DVR's or combination of DVR's ,NVR's, IP cameras, or encoders.

I will say it will work but it is not the best out there unless you have all Panasonic equipment.

I forgot to mention you can try it 90 days with no strings attached

its about $500 for the license on average

The initial plan is the provide a better equipped client, with larger monitors and consolidate the viewing onto 1 or 2 better clients. (eliminating 4 or 5 clients with 18" 3:4 1280x1024 monitors, displaying only 4 or 6 camera.

Your helpful notes above, indicate that we are on the right track to free up some Command Center wall and counter space. Unsure of the current version on the existing clients, so we'll go prepared with the demo version with us..

You advice is greatly appreciated....

Thank you for Super Sunday advise.

For the older WJ-HD316A DVR, you can use the older WV-AS65 software, which is now available for free. Do a google search for it...

We used to use the AS65 software but with those DVR's there was a limit of 3 connections per DVR so you may want to keep that in mind when you are thinking about deploying it, also AS65 wasn't very flexible when it came to screen sizes, and was kind of crappy but it beat having to have multiple browser windows open when trying to view certain cams on different DVR's.

WV-AS65 was easy to install with a simple key code. No need for a dongle on online activation. They sold it as a "site license", unofficially. Reinstallation was so easy. It also allowed downloading longer clips than the browser, and supported audio, which the browser didn't. No worries about trying to install the SQL database that WV-ASM100/200 used, which often blew up rendering the PC useless during installation.

WV-AS65 also functions with the WJ-ND300 & ND200 series NVRs for systems that did expand into IP...

Regarding screen sizes, that is typical with Panasonic not having very flexible screen pattern choices...

Fun Fact, if you set up AS65 on one PC, copy the AS65 install folder usually located under program files to a PC you have installed AS65 and you don't have to reconfigure the settings and rename all the cameras for your site... just a little time saving advice