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Using Multiple Monitors With A VMS

Hello everyone,

I would like to implement a device at our hotels where live onsite monitoring has differnet cameras displayed on different monitors.

For instance, if I had 4 or 5 different monitor locations and 20 + cameras (both IP and analog), I would like to be able to select which cameras are viewable on which monitor. Matrix switchers I have seen may be able to do this, but include a lot of switching /control functions I do not need.

Does anyone know of this type of device that has at least 4 programmable outputs? What do most businesses use for multiple live monitoring in differnet locations?


Are you using a VMS platform? In this case the video viewing client would essentially be the Matrix Switcher. Also with a VMS like Genetec's Omnicast you can remotely schedule and/or choose which cameras are displayed on specific video decoders across the system.

I guess I think we need a little more information about your existing system to help. Or maybe someone else knows exactly what product youre looking for!

Sorry I didn't mention this, I am using an Exacqvision hybrid w/16 analog and up to 24 IP. 1 BNC composite video output along with 1 VGA and 1 DVI output. This particular unit allows you to pick and choose cameras only on the composite analog output.

There isn't a way to customize multiple VGA outputs on board.

To keep it simple buy a very inexpensive small form factor or mini PC running Windows, attach it to the back of the monitor and run the Exacq client on each one. Of course you will have to wire each PC to the network. Use remote desktop or something like Logmein when you want to make changes to the views on the client so you don't have to goto each TV with a keyboard and mouse.

I agree with Carl, unless Exacq has a way to remotely push specific videos to a video decoder, a small PC running the client would probably be the easiest solution.

And then is sounds like you'd want to restrict certain cameras to certain users, though not sure about that.

Have you seen this?

Hi Tim, I've done similar things in the past, though not exactly the same. Here's how I went about it.

  • You'll need a PC to be used for viewing, which will drive all four of these monitors. I used Matrox M series cards in the past. They'll have DisplayPort (preferably) or DVI output for four monitors, which you use a cable to convert to HDMI at the other end, which connects to...
  • An HDMI over Cat5/6 adapter, which converts the signal so you can run it up to 300' on a single cable. Other models are available which use two cables for each monitor, and will give you longer distance, if you need it.
  • At the monitor location, you use a receiver paired with that transmitter to output HDMI, and connect to the monitor. They make models that fit in a decora wallplate, which I prefer for neatness, though you could use a surface mount model, as well.

So on the PC, you run multiple instances of the Exacq client, one for each monitor, and add the cameras you want to that monitor. If you save a view for each monitor, you can update the view from any client. So you don't have to remote in to the viewing PC, you can edit the view on your own PC, remotely, and save it, and it will update on all clients running that view.

That video above shows some of the operation, as well.

^^^^ precisely.^^^^^

There are three more large 42" monitors on another wall. All cameras are 1.3 megapixel. 64 T storage.