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I Want Software That Can Integrate With Avigilon, Milestone, Qsee And More

I am looking into software that can integrate with 3rd party VMS's like Milestone, Avgilon, etc. and off the self DVR's like Q-see and swann. I have been having difficulties finding software that can do this. My first thought was something like Zoneminder that seems like it could connect to almost anything. I am not sure if zoneminder would do well in a production environment though. Another option seems to be Sureview's IMMIX. If anyone has any experience with these or other software that might fit I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advanced.

Central station software or PSIMs are your best bet though I am not sure who integrates with all 4 of the products you list above. Sureview is one to consider. Zoneminder is definitely not - it does not support third party recorders and its IP camera integration is very limited.

This could get gery expensive / complicated fast. See Recorders Integrating with Other Recorders.

What do you need to do here specifically? Do you really need to integrate with all those recorders? What so you want to with the integration? Watch all the cameras on one interface? Dispatch police? Etc.

Thanks for the link to "Recorders Integrating with Other Recorders". Watching all cameras at once isn't necessary. This would be more of a dispatch senario or a alarm monitoring.

If it's dispatch / alarm monitoring, go with a central monitoring software like Sureview. You will still need to carefully check what models (and equally importantly what versions) each one supports.

Thank you for the advice.