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Need To View Video From 2 Axis Camera Station Servers Simultaneously

I have 2 Axis IP Camera sites on separate networks and wish to view both of these sites centrally from a third site. I have successfully implemented wan viewing site to site, but due to software limitations I cannot add a second wan site to view. Can anyone steer me to a VMS that offers such capability? The camera count at each remote site is under 5 Axis IP cameras and each network offers 2MB upstream on their static ip WAN connections. Each site also has a local Windows 7 x64 box locally storing video with the current VMS software. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

Lee, to clarify, what VMS software are you using on-site? Are there multiple types / manufacturers of VMS software involved?

I am trying to understand your setup so we can offer better advice.

Hi John, to clarify:

Site 1

Axis Camera Station Server Software

2 x Axis P3364, Axis Q1604 and Axis Q6035-E

Windows 7 x64 Video Server

Site 2

Axis Camera Station Server Software

2 x Axis P3364, Axis Q1604 and Axis Q6035-E

Windows 7 x64 Video Server

Site 3 (viewing site)

Axis Camera Station Client, dual monitors

I have not attempted running 2 instances of Axis Camera Staton from the same PC, connecting back to the 2 separate wan connections. If it does technically work, I am unsure whether it is supported by Axis. I prefer to be able to view both Site 1 and Site 2 from Site 3 with one software client. It is the convergence piece I am struggling with. I simply do not know what software, if feasible, can accomplish this. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

I never really thought of using RDP. It would work for now as you said. Thanks for the advice.

My client though, is ok that we may have to change software to accomplish this need to view multiple sites through one software client. I would like the VMS software to be able to scale viewing a 3rd remote site down the road if possible. Thanks for all the input thus far.

Most third party VMSes that support Axis support viewing cameras from different servers on the same client.

The only issue to look out for is which versions allow this. For example, some entry tier VMS versions display this feature, requiring using/ugprading to a more expensive version.

you can connect to as many as you want. I have four I connect to. and you can make views that include multiple servers.

John, thanks, you are right.

This is explained on pages 8 and 9 of the ACS user manual.

Thanks John Lord for the information. I will try this from the existing software to see how it works. I was not aware that you could configure "views" that sourced multiple Axis Camera Station servers.