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Multiple User Levels For IP Cameras?

Have you ever seen the network camera which has none multi level user authentication except administrator? Do you think the multi level of password-protected user access control is compulsory on the network camera?

I am aware of almost every VMS has the feature for user authentication and support different user privileges based on logon ID.

One of my customer wants a ‘viewer’ privilege with password protected for the webpage access, but the network camera here only have the admin account and anonymous webpage viewer option.

Any advice and feedback would be appreciated.

'Enterprise' applications tend not to want anyone but admins from accessing the camera's web interface. In such a scenario, the need for multiple user logins/levels would be diminished.

However, in many more basic consumer / SMB applications, the IP camera doubles as a webcam/visual display. Here the restricted login would be valuable.

Thank you for your comment, John.

I agree with your point. It's just for the scenario. I just wondered if it is essential feature or not. I think it is not the critical item for the RFP or something else because the VMS SW has the feature.

Yes, I think it's valuable for just the scenario you describe - a level for admin/configuration and a lower limited level just to view the video feed.