Multi-Imager Tracking Added To IP Camera Finder

We have now added tracking for multi-imager cameras to the finder. Under the imaging tab, you can now select whether you want mulit-imager cameras and how many imagers you want.

There are 24 total multi-imager cameras we are tracking from Arecont, Avigilon, Mobotix and Scallop.

For example, a 2 imager camera would be the Mobotix D15 DualDome:

A 4 imager camera example would be Arecont SurroundVideo:

There are not a lot of mulit-imager cameras in the market but we expect this to be a fast growing segment over the next few years.

Now, you can track / sort / filter for multi-imager cameras along with 43 other criteria. Try it out.

P.S. - We are still trying to figure out how to deal with cameras with multiple imagers but that are connected to a 'head' / 'main' / encoder unit (like the Axis F series). Would you consider that multi-imager or is that a different category?

Hi John, would you consider the dual lens version of the Sesys Torch camera to fit this category?

Our criteria for multi-imager is that:

(1) Each imager can be viewed simultaneously

(2) Each imager 'looks' at some different either through a different AoV or tilt/positioning

I am not exactly sure about this camera because I don't know it well enough.

Thank you John, I'm not familiar with this camera either but, judging from its specifications, it can have two lenses pointing in different directions and can be viewed simultaneously so I believe it would be correct to call it a multi-imager camera. It can also have a regular imager and a thermal one running simultaneously, which is useful, although that would not fit your criteria of a multi-imager. I learnt about this interesting camera from the discussion, Does A Camera With Built-In Battery And Recording Exist?

John the Mobotix M15 with any combination lens choice along with the S15 would be ideal candidates as well. Plus they are both unique in the fact that they offer Thermal sensor modules for each camera in 45 degree, 30 and 15 respectively Horizontal FOV's.

The M15 is already in the finder and labelled as multi-imager.

The S15 is one of the cameras we are trying to determine how it should be categorized. Those two imagers, like the Axis f series are external and connected via a cable to the 'head' / 'main' unit. We do want to list these cameras. We are just not sure if they should be put with 'other' multi-imager cameras or if they should have their own multi-head category. What do you think?


How about Platform Based cameras? Seems having all the options of choosing multiple different sensor modules would fit into a Platform style.

A, can you elaborate about what you mean on 'platform based'? Do you mean cameras using Omnivision sensors or Sony or Ambarella or Hisilicon chips?

I was more referencing the fact that Axis and Mobotix each have a core unit and you can select what lens size and mounts you can use for each core unit they produce. Seems like the Platform is the core unit and the accessories being lens modules.

Brickom, Hikvision and Vivotek also have such units.

There are two questions:

  • Do we track these separately from multiple image cameras inside the same housing (like Arecont SurroundView)?
  • What do we call these cameras? Is not going to be 'platform based' because I have never heard it described that way before? :) I guess it's a new form factor in and of itself.

Now, you can track / sort / filter for multi-imager cameras along with 43 other criteria.

How do you sort by optical zoom ratio, sensor size or power usage? Some things have controls, but those don't seem to...

By default, there is no sort. We added sort for the most common criteria - price, resolution, fps, etc.

I'll queue it up to sort by those elements as well.