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MP Motorized Zoom Lens Options?

Hi, I am looking for a project a Motorized zoom lens ~120 mm for 1.3 Axis 1354 megapixel camera with night vision.

Does any one have a recomendation on it? John, have you made any test on these lenses?

Ronen, I asked Axis for a recommendation.

In particular I think 120mm + MP is going to be difficult. The only one I can find so far is a Kowa 8 - 120mm. I don't know if it will work but it at least meets the spec of the lens.

Since I had the Fuijnon catalog laying next to me. I found one of theirs, which is a 'tad' over the top.

The D32x10HR4D-YE1. It's suited for 1,3MP but it is a 10-320!mm.
The Kowa will prolly be allot cheaper, but just naming it anyways for diversity :)

Thanks, Rogier. The Kowa was in the $2k USD range. This Fuji looks to be about double that. Both are at least double the cost of the camera!

thanks. i was looking at Tamaron as well that have a reasnoable price autofocus zoom lens , the thing is that all the autofocus zoom lens need to have analog output from the camera in order to perform the autofocus. the Axis doesnt have this... which leaves me with not a lot of option to choose from...

do you know of any other "trick" that can be used for the autofocus in the zoom lens?

I thought you might use the serial interface on the Axis P1354 to control the zoom. I am not sure.

Btw, Axis is checking on this and I'll let you know what they recommend.

yes, ill be using the serial to control the lens but for the autofocus of the lens i need to have some video feedback from the camera or independent sensor.

Hello Mr. Luzon,

My name is Dan Davies, OEM & New Business Development Manager at Tamron USA.

Our older line of Tamron zoom lenses did require an analog image feedback signal for the autofocus function. With our newer line, this is all left to the camera, and the zoom and focus motors function only as remote-controlled manual zoom and focus mechanisms. This leaves the camera manufacturer the freedom to implement (or not implement) autofocus any way they like.

I'd like to hear your feedback on this. Is this interface more useful? I'm interested in finding out how we can design our electrical interfaces to be more useful for integrated camera manufacturers.

I hope this information was useful.

Dear Dan,

I have a project where i have 40 PT head housing from Videotec and AXIS MP camera with 485 control.

i need to connect to the camera a 150-200 mm zoom lens with auto focus so the controller will not have to manual control the focus of the camera.

i need that the lens will do it automatically, the camera cannot control the focus of the lens and i don’t want that the user will do it every time the camera moves.

do you have like a "feedback" from the lens to control the focus?


Hello Mr. Luzon,

Unfortunately Tamron doesn't make any lenses that have RS485 control, at least not for the visible wavelength, and I'm not aware of any other zoom lenses out there that can focus on its own by instructions from a controller either.

Which Axis camera are you using? Maybe there is a suitable work-around.


AXIS P1354.

So you are saying that there is no solution in the market for a MP camera with a zoom lens installed on a PT head to support an auto focus lens?

Hello Mr. Ronen,

I don't know of any lens solution that supports RS485 control. The lens would have to be controlled by the camera through direct signals.


You may be interested in examining if Hikvision's new 30X HD PTZ will do the job, it has a 4.3-129mm, 30x zoom lens builtin:

DS-2DF5286 series

2MP Network Speed Dome - Onvif Profile S

Focal Length: 4.3-129mm, 30x
Zoom Speed: Approx.3s(Optical Wide-Tele)
Angle of View: 65.5-2.11 degree (Wide-Tele)
Minimum Working Distance: 10-1500mm(Wide-Tele)
Aperture Range: F1.6-F5.0

Dear Daniel,

i dont need the lens to be 485 controlled, the lens will be controlled by direct control. i need it to be auto focus.



Hi John,

Can you suggest any 2MP , 5-50 mm CS Mount Zoom lens with Pelco new launch IXP21 And control Zoom Function remotely along with Auto Focus.


Also suggest me,what will be the maximum focal length Motorized ,MP ,Zoom lense can be supported onPelco IXP21 camera.