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Moxa Vport 36-1MP Op Temperatures: -40C +75C

Dear all, recently we found this Moxa camera and according to their data sheet it's able to operate under -40C...+75C

Does anybody have any experience with their cameras in harsh environments in extreme temperatures? There is only a few manufacturers on the market with such temperature range in their cameras, and it seems very unique with their parameters and specs.

Hope to hear any feedback, thanks!

I didn't know about this either so thanks for sharing. Does anyone know if any other manufacturer makes a PTZ extreme weather camera that has an Operating Temp. of up to +65C ?

Viachaslau, are you looking for extreme cold or heat or both?

Undisclosed, Moxa seems to have extreme temperature fixed cameras but I don't see PTZs on their product page. As fo extreme heat, there are a few, see our posts on deploying cameras in extreme heat.

We haven't used Moxa cameras, but we've used many of their hardened switches. The wide temperature switches are each tested at extreme temperatures and come with a lifetime warranty. We've had great success with them, though they are expensive. If the cameras are as solid as the switches, then they will perform well in the specified temperature ranges.

John, yes, we read this article about extreme heat and as usually we need to provide special environment for a camera with Dotworkz housing as example or to use specialized camera. But this unexpensive solution may be very competitive in a price/quality ratio, of course if it's able to operate under claimed temperatures. Therefore it's very interesting to know about how it works at very high temperatures