Mounting Cameras On Trees?

Good idea? Bad idea?

Probably not a bad idea for a temporary install (nice driploop), but easy to mess with (no conduit, rodent chewing of cables, ice/snow loading of fasteners into tree) and prone to all sorts of false alarm recordings (dripping water, snow, squirrels, etc)

I see this, and my first question: Too cheap for a pole ?

On a sturdy tree like that, it's probaby fine. Most likely a tradeoff, especially if they're not intending for it to be a long-term install.

I've seen plenty of cameras mounted on similar trees, doesn't seem to be an issue. One place (residence) has them painted camoflauge, made them really hard to spot, and you don't tend to look at trees for camera mounting locations.

Trees were made for mounting cameras - why else would they have those integrated cabling management arms? Choose the ones slightly shorter than the others because they also are giant lightning rods.

Oh yeah - don't pick the ones with squirrels either.

More importantly, is this camera pointing at any hot tubs??

I suppose the installer can claim his systems can grow with you.

Hey, if the camera needs to be moved higher, no need for a truck roll, just wait a year!

If a camera in the forest captures video, and no one is watching it, does the DVR retain the video?

Ooooh, everything is always so philosophical with you.

Never thought I would get new one liners from here.......but thank you!

Seems like the first time the clouds sneezed it would be a problem.

Nice to see what it's looking at.