Most Disturbing Booth At ASIS

Found this booth in the back, nether regions of the show floor this morning, 3D face printing. There was only the large poster describing the product, with a very disturbing picture of a guy wearing a 3D printed face of another person. Two initila thoughts:

- "It rubs the lotion on its skin"

- This is going to mess up facial recoginition software.

Did anyone else see this or talk with th guy... he was surpisingly absent from his booth.

Note: If you look closely, you can see the face being worn by the other guy.

Did you read the paragraphs across the bottom? This is freak level alpha stuff!

Apparently a hoax.

Here's their website, with less information than the booth text.

Domain created September 21, 2015.

For what purpose? Dunno.

What's the minimum cost for an exhibitors license?

Who said there's nothing new at ASIS?

In any event, I would think it would be easier to digitally create incriminating videos, than to digitally create physical props to use.

Hollywood has had the ability for several years to create lifelike, human realistic characters. They just don't because people get weirded out by it.

Cheers: The use of the unregistered trademark symbol with Face Jagger™, and the registered mark with Syntax Corporation®. New products often are in the process of getting registered, so this is a nice touch.


"to a final incrimination", (depicting the subject in contact with western agents or rival military-criminal fractions.)

Like half a Junta I guess.

Also remember that "Cyberwarfare is no longer in the domain of hackers or rouge states." For a company that calls itself Syntax, they also have a difficult time with subject/verb agreement.

I really wish I had seen these guys.

you should have had them print John's face and wore it to the avigilon booth :)

This guy gets it.... should have had them print John's face and wore it to the avigilon booth

He may value his life more than that...

I'm gonna FaceJagger me a Schmode mask and walk around outside the HQs of some of Avigilons biggest competitors just to freak out the employees there.

On closer inspection, maybe I'll wait for Jagger/Jacker 2.0, something amiss.

I really hope he doesn't have look anymore to the left, his right eye is pretty much maxed out...

Reason for exhibit? We may never know, but I'll guess anyway and say it was some other exhibitors uneeded space, and there never was anyone manning it. Prime suspects would be any exhibitors that had a clear line of sight and a camera to record reactions.

I talked with the guy manning the booth next to this one. He stated that the guy was at the booth a couple of times, but remained "quite" and "to himself". I would have loved to have heard his sales pitch.

I would have loved to have heard his sales pitch.

You got to meet him, isn't that enough? ;)

Some clues have surfaced.

Found a English TV comedy series where the plot revolves around a tour de-force performance by the multi-talented Kayvan Novak, in which he play most of the characters on the show, aided by a multitude of built-to-order masks and prosthetics. Suspiciously, Mr. Novak also starred in a play as Mick Jagger.