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More About Third-Party Monitoring And Simplisafe.

Most of us industry insiders know SimpliSafe does not do their own monitoring. They out-source to Lydia/COPS for less that $5 (est) monthly. Often much less. So not much resources dedicated to SimpliSafe… almost like the outlawed digital dialer…. they become a relay service. We also know the term “false alarm” is a misnomer and misleading”. On-site alarm systems create “false alarms”, but monitoring firms create “UPR”/ the Unnecessary-Police-Response that produce the stats. Third-party monitoring has very low credibility with police dispatchers, thus very slow or no police response. Don’t be mislead with the next gen of stats that show much lower false alarm rates, which are the result of slow or no police response… not due to responsible management of the problem.

Over 10 million RMR private alarm customers in the US are serviced by third-party monitoring. This is BIG Big problem for industry. Evolving municipal law now moving toward monitoring firm the perpetrator caller, not the alarm site. A $200 fine could be responsibility of the monitoring firm that charges $5 or less. This will help to reduce UPR, and help to distinguish low value “deterrent” systems from higher value remote-witness “defensive” systems. And reduce the deception of not telling the deterrent customer the difference.

Source: Lee Jones; Support Services Group

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