Monitronics Wants IPVM To Join Its Dealer Program

Evidently, Monitronics does not hold a grudge. Despite IPVM criticizing them for sexist ads, lack of dealer protection, and more, we still received the following pitch to join their dealer program after giving an email address to download a whitepaper:

I tried reaching you a few weeks ago regarding the Monitronics Dealer Program. Are you available for a quick phone call next week?

Given your business model, it seems that IPVM could benefit by joining a dealer program that gives business' the support and flexibility for growth. Keep or sell your accounts and use the capital to continue to reinvest in your business.

At Monitronics you can enjoy the freedom of business flexibility. You can forget territory restrictions; any direction your company wants to go, we devote every possible resource toward getting there.

Just a few of Monitronics' benefits:
- Flexibility to sell or keep any number of accounts
- Set your own RMR ranges
- Choose the products and distributors you want to use
- Promote your own company name
- Fully customized marketing materials
- Personal support

Check out a 1 minute:40 second video about eContract on our homepage.

When would be a good time this week for me to reach back out to you?

Apparently it doesn't take all that much to be a Monitronics dealer...nor one of their sales reps.

The big words at the end made me want to sign up.

And it's been rumored they give fries with any order.