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Mobotix T24: Support RTSP?


Does anyone know if the T24 supports RTSP?

Looking to use the T24 with HD Witness (I assume T24 support for ONVIF is out of the question)

Femi, by RTSP are you asking if you can stream video over RTSP to Network Optix?

For third party VMSes, there are typically two choices to integrate with Mobotix - the VMS adds MxPEG support or they take the MJPEG stream (more common).

For the other question, Mobotix support for ONVIF is evidently out of the question. Maybe they will change their mind in the future but I talked to them a few months ago about this and they did not seem inclined to do it. The response is more like "Why don't you just use an end to end Mobotix offering?" :)

Yes John, stream over RTSP to Network Optix, since HD Witness 1.6 will support RTSP (according to Sergey)

The 2N Helios IP might be a better choice since it is ONVIF compliant.

I just wish it had a higher res camera.


Based on this Connect to Mobotix IP cameras

To get image out of the Mobotix camera such url must be used.


So, far in our 1.6 which is final QA stage, we can support only generic RTSP streams.
However likely we did not release it yet, and if you are willing to put camera on public access - we can add support of such kind of links.

Just keep in mind that specifically with this camera it will be JPEG only.
If you are interested please contact me via our support portal.


Let me try to "acquire" a T24 for testing. I will reach out via the support line

According to US Mobotix support:


Thank you for communications relating to MOBOTIX products.

None of our cameras, including the T24, utilize RTSP.

I don't know if the T24 is exactly the same but i tried a M12 running it over HTTP using this string in VLC and it seems to work, MJPEG only as Sergey said.

http://user:password@(IP Address):(Port)/cgi-bin/faststream.jpg

Vincent, are you running this in HD Witness?

No i am just using VLC to test it. I have not began testing V1.6 yet which supports RTSP.

How is the image quality?

The image quality should come out pretty good, however i would be wary of your bandwidth/storage with this though since it is using MJpeg and you can see it consuming 10Mb/s or more especially the 3MP version.

Just to follow up on this, it was announced recently that all cameras have an RTSP stream available in a special mode. You have to contact Mobotix support to get instructions on how to make it work.

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