Mobotix Manager Makes Fun Of Chinese Products, Joins Dahua, Quits

Funny or sour grapes?

Update 2018:

The Mobotix manager went to work for Chinese manufacturer Dahua and defended Chinese quality - Dahua ESM: "No One Can Prove" Our Backdoor Is Intentional. However, he quit Dahua and went to Konica Minolta, Mobotix' owner now.

kinda funny but not based in reality. We (from the west) WISH it was the truth but unfortunately...

We (from the west) WISH it was the truth...

It may take some time before Mobotix realizes it's actually from the East now.

The real irony here is that GammaX bikes are Chinese made.

(I get the "humor" of the image, just saying...)

Well it's ok cuz the car is not Chinese.

Funny :)

Haha. Now some BBA German cars are also made in China, does that make BBA cars to be worse than their competitors?

yes it is actually pretty funny since you ask.

I have repeatedly heard Mobotix reps making fun of Hikvision and Dahua in Australia. I would put it down to insecurity and fear rather than sour grapes.

I do love the picture though!!

They are just pissed off because HikVison makes a good quality product that includes (INTEGRATED IR by the way) for a reasonable cost.

Marty, nobody sounds pissed off here besides you.

The REALLY funny part is that his new employer is Chinese.

Lol #5, you are right, he joined Dahua, that's funny and sad. Thanks for calling that out.

Also, he has changed his tune about Chinese quality problems: Dahua ESM: "No One Can Prove" Our Backdoor Is Intentional

Just checked LinkedIn (funny side note - he blocked me on LinkedIn) but he has since quit Dahua and joined Konica, the new owner of Mobotix.

Wow. I bet his old bosses didn’t like that post very much. Also, I’m not surprised that he blocked you. He really does like to hear his own opinion, and not anyone else’s. I met him once for about an hour...I think I got three words in.