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Mobotix Vs Sony Camera Comparison

Can I get a comparison between Mobotix camera and Sony Gen6 cameras in terms of picture quality, WDR level and Price. Is Mobotix still using MxPEG or have they changed to H.264. Do Mobotix camera has the ability to reduce/mask the strong backlight to show the picture clearly mainly in Entrance areas?

Its all about the lense quality. I only know of two countries that produce outstanding lenses: Germany and Japan. More and more end users are going to the shoot out method for eatablishing a standard. The mfg team that have demos down pat where by everything is tweaked will win. Everytime.

No. The intention of the SSPR program is to promote, sell, install and service Sony's security products to end users.

David, is this the relevant document regarding Sony's MAP? It seems to indicate that the penalty for both SSPR and non-SSPR's non-compliance is to lose the ability to buy from Sony authorized distributors.

Question: Are SSPR's allowed to sell to any non-SSPR?

As Sony's manufacturer's representative here in the Southeast, it is my experience...

For a Sony reseller, the product is very competitive and value oriented. I sell against most of the common competitive brands IPVM tests like Avigilon, Panasonic, Pelco, Bosch, Axis, Arecont and even Samsung. Mobotix is not a competitor in my territory for Sony.

Sony's reseller program is meant to encourage education, capability, product leadership and participation. Exclusive to semi-exclusive market opportunities exist because of limited entry. Less exposure and market differientation equals more value for dealers who lead with a Sony solution.

Sony has enforced minimum advertised price requirements on the internet. As a result of violating this policy there are more than 50 banned for life web sites and companies who tried to sell Sony on the web. Sony protects the valuable relationships it has with professional installing dealers who are still working to make a profit while contracting to provide viable security solutions. These are good characteristics of great manufacturers. So is price important? To Sony, absolutely!

Technology is at the forefront of Sony's product line and thank you for helping expose those strengths!

Thanks John for clearing the facts. Samsung cameras are coming up with better quality images. But in my past experience the image quality is not consistent. Within one year it will start deteriorating. Thanks again for the valuable info.

Well, they're both really expensive :)

Mobotix is still MxPEG / MJPEG. No H.264 for video and no plans for it either.

I have never heard Mobotix claim to have true WDR. I remember them emphasizing backlight compensation in a region as their alternative, though true WDR is superior because it automatically handles an entire scene rather than locking in a specific sub-region only. To that end, I disagree with Mobotix's marketing claim, "MOBOTIX will outperform WDR devices when used in conjunction with the Exposure Windows setting." Sony is consistently one of top WDR performers in our tests.

If price was an issue, and you still wanted a high end brand that does true WDR, I'd look at the new Samsung WiseNet III cameras as it has similar performance but much lower price.