Mobile, Covert Work Truck Surveillance Needed

I have a plumber customer who wants video recording in the rear of all his work trucks, so he can see if parts are leaving the vehicles at unscheduled stops or at night when techs are home.

I would like to offer with or without GPS, as I think he already has that. Also I'd like IR and easy, quick retrieval of the storage medium when the trucks are at the shop.

I need to have an idea of how much time is available and covert possibilities. I can disguise the Recorder by possibly installing a cheap backup camera at the same time.

Any ideas please?

Geovision has a mobile solution that you can offer with/without gps and it has wifi and i think cell options but in conjunction with their control center software, he can easily pull video when they pull into the shop and the systems get onto the wifi.

Transportation surveillance, like the type used on school busses or trains, are not typically covert. A few examples of those platforms:
But there are many others. However, I'm not familiar with any that are particularly covert.
Many of those systems use a wireless retrieval, where video can be downloaded on the fly or from specific waypoints.
Is the goal to hide the camera(s) from potential thieves, or keeping the system discrete from the drivers?

If you really want GPS

IF you don't care about GPS

Doesn't get much easier to retrieve than an SD card.

I've put pinhole cameras in the top of the cab, rear brake light before. Total pain though. You won't get IR out of it

If you're planning on letting this run at night while the techs are at home, you'll need something with a super low current draw or else they are going to wake up to dead batteries. The MDVR25 above is about 100ma, a non IR pinhole analog camera is about the same.

As Brian said, entire covert systems are not the norm in mobile video surveillance. The stakeholder with the plumbing truck(s) would be better off working with any one of several reputable companies to install a rugged, tamper resistant, multiple camera systems that meets all of the owners' original desires except for being stealthy. Strategically placed cameras will have the Hawthorne effect and help keep the honest plumbers honest and hopefully drive the dishonest away. A video system can protect vehicle contents "for the driver's own protection" and to safeguard the driver and the company from false claims regarding vehicle accidents or property damage caused by the truck. Any plumber worth his salt would notice even the most stealthy installed system sooner or later, so why not add cameras (and optional fleet tracking) for "everybody's protection".